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Self-Defense Tips While Traveling Abroad

Author: Jhon Poll
by Jhon Poll
Posted: Jul 23, 2021

It’s the time of the year to plan for a nice little overseas trip. While you are busy planning for this relaxing moment, let U-Elite share with you some self-defense tips so that you will have a fun and safe trip.


Fighting fist to fist with a man is not wise as men are generally stronger than women. Focus only on the attacker’s four vulnerable parts i.e. eyes, ears, throat, and groin.

Our body parts are the ready weapons to defend ourselves. Learn and practice how to use our arms and leg to ward off an assailant. An elbow is a woman’s most powerful weapon. Learn how to make good use of it in close-range attacks.

Always carry with you a few self-defense items. They are very handy during an emergency. We strongly recommend a torch, key, and metal pen.

If you sense that you are in danger, your first reaction is to run away. Self-defense techniques apply only if you cannot escape.

If you are alone or new to the country, find out from the locals the time and places that are not safe and you should avoid.

These are some basic precautions you can adopt for your own safety. Always be aware and alert to your surroundings. Learn the basic self-defense techniques from U-Elite Martial Fitness before your trip. Learn how to strike with your body parts as well as with self-defense items should you be in danger. Make every trip a fun and safe

Preparation before leaving Singapore

Research the current conditions and current affairs of the destination country. Avoid traveling to a country in which there is civil instability. Postpone your trip if you have to.

Plan your itinerary so that you will have some basic knowledge of the places you will visit. It is always recommended to take up a tour package if you are traveling to a country for the first time especially when there is a language barrier.Share your itinerary with your loved ones or close friends so that they will know your whereabouts.

Register and submit your itinerary with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, applicable only to Singapore citizens. This is very important so that the government can assist you should an emergency happen (eg natural disasters, civil unrest, etc).

Remember or record down the Singapore embassy’s address and contact number in the destination country. During an emergency or when you need help, the Singapore embassy can render better assistance to you.

Travel light and avoid carrying expensive accessories with you. You will be less vulnerable without excessive luggage.

Travel insurance is a must.

Bring basic medicine and first aid items like medicine for fever, cold, and stomach upset, plaster, roller bandage, scissors, sanitizer, antiseptic cream, sting and bite treatment, safety pins, and lip balm for cracked lips.


Look for hotels with enhanced security features such as rooms that have doors equipped with double locks.

When you checked into a hotel, always lookout for the nearest exit route so that in case of an emergency, you will know where to proceed. Try out the route to make sure there are no obstacles that block the route.

Book a room that is near a lift and away from exits.

When you go to bed, always keep your slippers and valuables near you. In case of emergency, you can take your valuables and escape fast.

Precautions while overseas

Dress like the locals and avoid checking the maps on the street. Keep your bags close to you. Keep your passport and cash in a money belt that can be worn around your waist or neck beneath your clothes.

Make photocopies of passports and other important travel documents and keep them separate from the originals. Should you lose your passports, getting replacement documents with the help of hardcopy evidence will be easier.

Have the hotel’s address with you at all times. Remember the route and landmarks near your hotel, so that you can make your way back there without checking the map.


Information is accurate at the time of publishing. The activities are organized by the individual service providers. The Singapore Sports Council shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage, whether personal or otherwise and howsoever arising.

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