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Ensure Hassle-free Amazon Fulfillment in Australia

Author: Ozprep Services
by Ozprep Services
Posted: Jul 26, 2021

eCommerce sellers may partner with Amazon and list their products for sale on the Amazon marketplace. When a seller makes a sale on the Amazon marketplace the seller needs a strategy to fulfil the order.

Amazon fulfillment is the process of shipping products purchased on Amazon to customers. This includes picking, packing, and delivery to the end consumer. Fast delivery and great branding typically are key factors in creating a great customer experience for eCommerce consumers.

Keeping order fulfillment in-house means that you have to enter into long-term lease agreements and other long-term financial commitments to rent warehousing space for your inventory. As your business grows, you will be forced to lease more space or build new structures to warehouse your goods. All these make overhead costs skyrocket and derail your ROI.

You can avoid such overheads by outsourcing eCommerce order fulfillment to professional FBA prep service providers. With FBA prep centers, you are charged a flat storage fee, and you only pay for the space you use to warehouse your products. Unless the number of units you warehouse changes, your storage expenses remain the same.

When you use the FBA prep center for Amazon Fulfillment in Australia you get the low-cost benefits of sharing such lease obligations – rent, equipment, utilities, and other operational overheads with all the other retailers using the facility.

Backend logistics is a labor-intensive process. Keeping eCommerce order fulfillment services in-house can complicate your business structure. It means you will have to rent extra space for your employees, hire them, train them, pay them, and purchase all the tools and equipment they need to pick, pack and ship orders efficiently.

By outsourcing, the task of staffing and hiring employees falls on the fulfillment service provider, meaning you can keep your business structure lean and avoid all the headaches that come with hiring and managing employees in your fulfillment center. This will also help you reduce staff costs.

Order fulfillment is a time-consuming process. It takes time to pick, pack, and wrap boxes properly for shipping. You may find it easy to manage fulfillment when your e-store is still small. As your business grows, items begin flying off the shelves faster, and you find yourself with more orders coming in from different sales channels such as in-store, sales events, online, among others. At this time, order fulfillment can overwhelm your staff’s capacity.

You find yourself struggling to strike a delicate balance on where you should spend your limited time –growing your business or fulfilling orders. At this point, something has to give. You are better off leaving Amazon Fulfillment in Australia to the professionals and focus on growing your business.

FBA prep service provider has experienced employees who are well versed with the pick, pack, and ship process, and can do it faster and better than you. Allowing an FBA service provider to handle the heavy lifting on your behalf helps you focus your time and effort on marketing, designing, sourcing, and selling your products. Choose safe and fast Amazon Fulfillment in Australia.

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