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Appearance Improvement with a Smile Makeover

Author: Henry M Cook
by Henry M Cook
Posted: Oct 12, 2014

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the treatments that will improve the attractiveness of a smile. Each treatment corresponds to a specific issue to achieve the desired aesthetic goal, and there are also times when a cosmetic dentistry treatment can bring about improvements on the function of the teeth or smile.

In cases when a single cosmetic dentistry treatment is not enough to get the desired result, a series of treatments are combined to come up with the most beautiful smile possible. A smile makeover is made up of two or more cosmetic dentistry procedures that target specific dental problems in situations when more than one issue needs to be addressed.

Issues Improved by a Smile Makeover

Stained Teeth – Yellowed or stained teeth make the smile look very unattractive, and can make a person look much older. These stains are caused by various factors, such as heavy consumption of teeth-staining beverages & food items, smoking cigarettes or using tobacco products, taking certain medications, and other reasons. A teeth whitening treatment removes stains on the surface of teeth to make them appear whiter and brighter. In cases when teeth whitening cannot remove the surface stains, dental veneers are used to cover the affected tooth to improve its appearance.

Crooked Teeth – Improperly-aligned teeth reduces the attractiveness of a smile. The normal function can also be affected negatively by improper alignment. Orthodontics treatments are used to move the teeth into proper alignment, making them much better aesthetically by straightening their appearance. The function of the teeth is also improved with the help of dental braces or orthodontics.

Damaged Teeth – The presence of even a single decayed tooth will make the smile look unattractive, especially if the affected tooth (or teeth) can easily be seen when the mouth is opened. Dental veneers are used to cover the front portion of a tooth to improve its appearance, and also to protect it from further damage. A dental crown can also be used to restore the proper form and function of a damaged or decayed tooth.

Missing Teeth – The loss of natural teeth significantly changes one’s appearance. A smile will instantly look unhealthy and unattractive with unsightly gaps caused by tooth loss. Dental implants are used to replace the form and function of missing teeth, and are attached to a dental crown or a fixed bridge to restore the appearance of a smile. Full mouth implants attached to dentures or dental bridge solve the problem of all missing teeth, enabling a patient to enjoy a healthy-looking and fully-functional smile even after losing all natural teeth.

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