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Penguin update and its Impact on Content Strategy

Author: Jhon Poll
by Jhon Poll
Posted: Jul 30, 2021

Right from the time of its emergence program has been giving more importance to content than the other factors.

And with Penguin update Google has reiterated an equivalent, though the approach is pretty different from previous updates like Panda. With this update, program optimization has become more demanding and challenging and mandating webmasters to stay to Google’s webmaster guidelines.

What is the Google Penguin update?

Penguin is that the latest update put forward by Google. The update was released by Google on 24th April 2012. The update is supposed at punishing and hammering those webmasters who were indulged in unfair link-building practices.

Unfair link-building practices include keyword stuffing, link exchanging, dis-proportionate use of cash keywords, getting links from inferiority and unrelated sites. As an entire, we will say that anything which will let Google think that you simply are manipulating Google’s ranking algorithm, Penguin may hit your website.

Possible Factors which will Trigger Penguin

Though there are many hidden factors that Google uses to work out if you're indulging in unfair link practices. However, here we are boiling right down to some important and well-known factors that webmasters should avoid doing:

Dis-proportionate amount of Anchor texts: First and foremost thing that webmasters got to do is analyzing the Anchor text portfolio of the website.

If quite 60% of your anchor texts are from the money keyword there's something to bother about. it's been seen that websites that had more than 60% of their links acquired through money-making keywords were hit hard by Google.

The best thanks to eliminating any possibility of being hit by penguin webmasters got to maintain a good balance between branded keywords, money keywords, and other general keywords. for instance, if you're within the arena of content writing then "content writing service"or content writing firm might be the foremost possible keyword that webmasters want to focus on however they need to require into consideration that if your anchor text distribution is in extremely inclined towards an end Google may deem it unnatural and you'll be punished for this.

Hence, other anchor texts like, click here, bet content writing firm, affordable content writing service, buy content are a number of the keywords that we will target.

Percentage of links coming from the Related Niche: Gone are those days when links matter now after penguin it'll be the location that will matter.

If you've got managed to urge links from websites and blogs that weren't in the least associated with your website there's a requirement to reconsider your strategy.

As per the Penguin update, Google will check out the character of the sites from where you’re getting links. a good mixture of unrelated and related niches would be a far better choice to choose however, webmasters got to consider that the share of links from authority and niche sites would be appreciated and applauded by Google.

Content Relevancy the most ranking factor:

Viewing all those updates and filters it's now become evident that content has emerged together of the first and important ranking signal. The statement holds not just for your website only but it's also important for sites that you simply are becoming link from.

Hence as a conclusion, we will say that program optimization has become tougher and demanding than ever. All those previous techniques of link building like bulk bookmarking, forum posting, link exchange aren't getting to work anymore and content-oriented Seo is some things that search engines are trying to find.

So, the simplest thanks to passing Google Penguin update is to make unique, informative, and appealing content that would value to your users and not the search engines.

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Author: Jhon Poll

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