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Use These 5 Plants in Railing Planters to Create Unique Balcony Gardens

Author: Praveen Kumawat
by Praveen Kumawat
Posted: Aug 01, 2021
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With shrinking spaces, pieces of nature are being confined and nothing is more delightful than beautiful plants adorning your homes. Balcony is a perfect place to let go of all the stress of the day. You can really make it a cozy corner by decorating it in an aesthetic manner. A little bit of false grass on the floor, and an amazing array of railing pots along your balcony railings containing beautiful flowers and plants can give your balcony a makeover like never before.

Using effective and gorgeous railing planters, and choosing the right plants to grow in them, you can create the most amazing garden for yourselves. You can have flowers, spices, and even veggies that will come in handy in your everyday life.

If you are not an expert on raising your own garden, this article can help you shortlist plants for cultivating in your home balcony. We have also discussed which type of railing pots you shall need for which plant.

Add Seasonal Flowers

It is always nice to have flowers in our garden, as they add colour, fragrance and a lot of beauty to the surroundings. While some flowering plants like hibiscus, wild rose adorn our homes all year round. However, you can grow flowers like jasmine, mogra, lilies for summers and marigold, dahlias and chrysanthemums for the winters. The seasonal variation will help you connect better with nature, and help you with the ease of growing the flowers.

Grow Some Herbs and Quick Veggies

Railing planter boxes are the best type for cultivating some quick herbs and veggies. These plants come handy while cooking and can often supplement your kitchen supplies. These can also vary seasonally or grow all year round. You can grow curry leaves, all spices all year-round. Chillies, lettuce, coriander, mint and other herbs can be gown seasonally. A little kitchen garden in your balcony garden can prove to be extremely useful.

Instil Beautiful Orchids

Orchids a lot of ornamental value to any garden, and amplifies the aesthetics. The best thing about them is you will find a huge variety when it comes to these varied-leaves plants. Some of the popular orchids that can grow in the balcony environment include money-plant, pothos, snake-plant, peace lily and more. You can use both metal railing planters or hanging rail planter for the job.

Do not Shy Away from Climbers

Climbers look extremely amazing and pretty in balconies, especially as they creep their way up the balcony railings. For this Ivy is a perfect choice, as they lush up the balcony with their greenery. Climbing Campsis is another good choice, as they thrive well in hot humid weather and its bright orange flowers can give your balcony a unique look.

Grow Succulents and Bougainvillea

Growing succulents is easy as they require little to no maintenance, only add a little bit of sand to their soil mixture. For this railing plant pots are the best, as they are decorative and appealing. Choose gorgeous planters to place your pretty cactus and aloe-verra.

Bougainvillea is another amazing choice for Indian balconies, especially on railing planter boxes. They have colourful flowers like pink, white, peach that can glam up your balconies and are also easy to care for and maintain.


A nice evening within your very own little piece of greenery is nothing short of a dream, and to create a picture-perfect aesthetic balcony garden you need gorgeous balcony railing planters. With a little bit of research, care and precision, you can not only create an attractive home-garden, but also one that can provide you with handy herbs and veggies. Plant these above-mentioned five types of plants in your railing planter boxes for the best balcony garden experience.

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