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Why Do You Think That Classification Of Trade Unions Is Unique

Author: Riki William
by Riki William
Posted: Jul 30, 2021
trade union

A trade union is a useful labor organization of any company. Since the 18th century, every company has trade union for the company's development. Trade union always works for the benefit of the workers, and it can help the company improve productivity. Each trade union has its unique work structure and a leader who leads the trade union. Trade union always takes care of the employee's health benefit, loan disbursement process, and salary increment process. But the main structure of a trade union depends on the economic culture of a country. It can help the employees to get the ultimate benefits of the company.

Purpose Of Trade Union Classification

A trade union structure is based on the organization structure, industrial nature, staff quality, and national economic structure. Overall the structure of a trade union depends on the national level federation. The union of different countries impacts the socio-economic culture of a particular country. If you wonder how to start a union in the workplace, you must understand the purpose at first. But trade unions can overcome these problems with proper strategy and system.

Trade Union Classification

The trade union is classified according to the reason for which it is constituted. One can know the process of how to start a union on the internet.

  1. Reformist union
  2. Business union
  3. Revolutionary union
  4. Hold up union
  5. Dependent union

What Is A Reformist Union?

This union is visible in the capitalist economy. The main aim of this union is to maintain a good relationship between the employers and employees. This union doesn't destroy the political or social structure of that country. This union wants to modify the social or economic culture as the team members desire.

A business union is the association of skilled labour who bargain positively with the employer to increase the salary.

Friendly unions mainly focus on the worker's social value, moral, and intellectual power. This type of union mainly deals with the workers' moral value development process.

Interesting Facts About Revolutionary Union

The revolutionary union wants to destroy the previous structure of the workforce and bring a new system in place of it. This union tries to replace the capitalistic industry with a socialistic industry. The revolutionary industry is classified into three categories-

Political union- This union wants to bring significant changes with political power.

Anarchist union- This union wants to destroy the previous capitalist industrial system.

Predatory union- This type of union prefers to adopt a ruthless process to get benefits from the employers.

The types and nature of the trade union vary from country to country. Wages increment, working hour reformation, and productivity improvement are part of any union. The trade union structure depends on the country's economic status because the economic structure has a huge impact on the union. These are the unique process of trade union election that can help trade union members to understand the essential process before arranging trade union election. But sometimes, outside political power influences the result of the trade union, which is not acceptable for the benefit of the trade union.

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