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Why Require APFC Panel? Benefits & Applications Fo APFC Panel

Author: Shrinath Electric
by Shrinath Electric
Posted: Aug 03, 2021
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Shrinath electric is one of the most reputed Manufacturers of Panels and distributors of Switchgear Items. It also deals in switchgear, ACB, MCB, relays, contactors, automation and electrical panel, etc. It is one of the prime manufacturers of APFC panels. It also deals in the export and import of electrical and electronic items that will suit every sort of project. The brochure of Shrinath Electrical includes instrument panel & ACB Switchgear, Motor Starter, MCB Switch, Relay, Timer, Contactor, AC Drive, PC Controller, SMPS, IGBT, PLC Programmer, Sensor, PID Controller, Counter, etc. and it’s one of the leading traders in Gujarat. Srinath Electric is an ISO 9001:2005 certified company which deals in Industries related to Textile, plastic, chemicals. metal, automation, etc., and it engages over 1500 customers on a monthly basis.

An APFC manufactured by Shrinath Electrics is a custom-made pre-designed device for your electrical needs. The function of an APFC Panel is to improve the power output factor of devices. There are two types of APFC panels (RTPFC & APFC Panels) the full form of APFC is an Automatic power factor improvement Panel and the full form of RTPFC is a Real-Time Power Factor Correction Panel.

APFC is one of the most important innovations in the electric world as Industries are majorly dependent on electricity for their machinery. As when the industrial equipment load increases, the demand for power increases. Sometimes they fail to utilize the power effectively and end up drawing up more power leading up to higher bills

The benefit of APFC is that an APFC panel helps to reduce Apparent Power Demand and Reactive Power. The APFC panels also help to avoid Maximum Demand Penalties.& Power Factor Surcharges. It also reduces the risk of Power Loss and Operational Issues. It also helps in improving the power factor bringing it as close to 0.99 or unity as much as it is possible.

It also provides continuous Power Factor Correction even f the power is fluctuating or loading. The APFC makes it possible to effectively switch capacitors on or off whenever required. The APFC Panels monitors the loading process and takes action continuously based on the microprocessor relays. The APFC panels have a User-Friendly Interface.

APFC helps in bringing down your electricity bills. These panels also minimize Harmonic Disruption. APFC is durable also it is resistant to corrosion.APFC Panels also helps in Power Factor Correction

One might wonder why an APFC panel is required. in industrial application, here’s why.

The basic function of an APFC Panel is towards improving the power factor. The power Factor in the equipment is nothing but the ratio of Active Power to Apparent Power. The Power Factor allows one to measure the efficiency of the power used for work. It also measures how much of the power is wasted in a reactive loading.

In any industry, a huge loading part is inductive and it requires a reactive power for current magnetization. This reactive power is a waste if not utilized, which leads to the need for additional power so that it can run a machine for the ideal needs. This results in a low power factor and can lead to power issues, voltage fluctuations, operational losses, and higher electricity bills causing heavy penalties. The Panels also help in overcoming the difficulties by maintaining the power factor.

The Common Applications of APFC Panels for some common machines are for:

  • Automobile Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • metal industries
  • chemical plants
  • cement industries
  • Textile machinery
  • windmill station
  • power stations
  • Railways
  • Hospitals
  • food processing plants
  • printing industries
  • hospitals
  • banks
  • malls
  • IT parks, etc.

Specifications of APFC Panels, in general, The 440V APFC Panel is covered in a metal-clad and the indoor type is floor-mounted in a Non-Drawout execution. It is fabricated from a steel sheet and should have a CRCA of a minimum of 2.0 mm thickness. The incomer Circuit breaker (MCCB) has to be mounted in a separate compartment with a metering compartment along with APFC Relay and others. The distribution of multiple control switches, pushbuttons, etc. requiring manual operation should have a separate place. The operational Height of the APFC Panel should be mounted, not less than 300mm and should not exceed 1850mm from the finished floor level. The Nameplates for each feeder should be clearly visible and at the front. All equipment of similar rating should be interchangeable.

Shrinath Electric is one of the top manufacturers of APFC Panels which helps in paneling power for your place which is cost-efficient and can maintain the quality of your products. An APFC panel can help in the reduction of cost, space, working time and everything in between.

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Srinath Electric primarily deals in switchgear trading viz, Mcb, Acb, relays, contactors, Electrical and automation panel, etc,

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