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How to Get Started with Black Ops Cold War: Beginners Guide

Author: Brian Dean
by Brian Dean
Posted: Jul 31, 2021
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I'm not going to lie, Black Ops Cold War is a difficult game. There are so many mechanics that can make the game feel overwhelming at first. To get started, you should do some research and understanding what the objectives are in each mode. I recommend reading over my guide on how to play Black Ops Cold War for beginners - it'll give you an overview of all the different modes available as well as tips and tricks for success!

Best tips to get started with COD Black Ops Cold War:


The first thing you will want to do is decide on a loadout. There are 10 types of weapons are available to use but each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

For beginners, I recommend using an assault rifle as they're easy-to-use and there's not much that needs to be done with them besides aiming at your enemies! The remaining gear items in Black Ops Cold War don't have any effect on gameplay so it doesn't matter what you pick for them.


Motion blur is a common video game effect that makes an environment and weapon look less sharp. It can also make it more difficult to play the game, so be sure you disable this option before playing.


Understanding the enemy's movement is key to a victory, so if you find yourself struggling with hearing them and being able to predict their next location or attack pattern then try turning your Audio Presets setting up. This will allow for loud footsteps that can be seen from anywhere on the map which should make it easier than ever before!


The Slowdown and Strafing Aim Assist setting is a great feature that can be found in the settings. This option will help you to more accurately land your shots, which may ultimately result in earning yourself some bragging rights on social media or giving you an edge over other players.


Expert gamers know the value of adjusting their settings for maximum performance: they're always looking for new ways to optimize their playstyle. These settings are all personal preference, however, professionals agree on one thing--their ideal sensitivity is somewhere around 8-12.


Play on Veteran difficulty because it's really easy to get kills and points when you play at that level.

  • Use a shotgun or an assault rifle, like an M16A4, AK47 or any of those types of weapons because they're really good for close-range combat. - Try going around the map and getting all the different killstreaks that are available to use. You can win awards with them! For example, if there is a helicopter flying over your head then try using a rocket launcher to shoot it down.


This is a bonus tip for you, if you want to get levelled up, get most popular camo patterns, Earn the daily league points, and more then try Lfcarry's CoD Cold War boost service which will eliminate all the gaming problems by their professional veterans.

In conclusion, more you will practice the more you will learn. Also, watch other gameplays of professional COD gamers on YouTube to learn more tips and tricks.

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