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How to Access the Hidden Wiki

Author: Nicon Ch
by Nicon Ch
Posted: Aug 02, 2021
hidden wiki

Hidden wiki refers to a collection of censorship-resistant links (wikis) that operate as Tor hidden aid where users can anonymously update as long as they are registered. In short, it is a dark web wiki whose home page acts as the directory to other hidden.onion sites.

You cannot use typical browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access the hidden wiki. Instead, you need The Onion Router (TOR) or TOR gateway to access the hidden wiki. A TOR browser will take you to the dark web and all the affiliated links and sites.

In this article, we will look at everything you need to know about the hidden wiki and how to access it.

History of Hidden Wiki

The hidden wiki was initially operated through a pseudo domain (.onion). Users could access the hidden wiki using the TOR software or the TOR gateway. It was first mentioned in 2007 when it was located at 6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d.onion.

However, the site has been altered severally after it became prominent and popular. At one time, the dark web was one of the largest TOR web hosts, Freedom Hosting. However, some attackers hacked the deep web and redirected it to the Doxbin website in 2014.

Since the attack, the content in the deep web is mirrored to other locations. Therefore, the deep web main page has links to many other locations. Users are required to click on those links and get redirected to other locations.

How the Hidden Wiki Works

Once you get to the hidden wiki webpage, you are required to register with your details. As a registered user, you can edit and add more links to your services on the hidden wiki webpage.

The Legality of the Hidden Wiki

Most people assume that the hidden wiki is illegal because it is called the dark web. However, unlike contrary belief, it is legal to access the hidden wiki in many countries. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to do illegal activities on the hidden wiki.

The hidden wiki can be accessed for educational and research purposes, which is why many countries allow users to use it. However, some people use it to conduct illegal businesses such as bomb-making, money laundering, cyber-attacks, contraband chemical business, and contract killing.

Therefore, anyone can be allowed to use the hidden wiki because the government would not know the intentions of the user. However, the government can track down the user’s activities to ascertain if they are legal or not.

Precautions to Take Before Accessing the Hidden Wiki

Most people are very curious to visit the hidden wiki site, probably because of its name. However, while accessing the dark web seems interesting, there are drawbacks associated with it. The dark web is spooky and mysterious and calls for a lot of caution when accessing it.

It is recommendable to close all applications running on your computer before you access the dark web. Along with closing all unnecessary applications, you also need to cover the webcam and disable the microphone.

How to Access the Hidden Wiki

You can only access.onion sites such as the hidden wiki using a TOR browser. Therefore, the first step is to download a TOR browser. You need to ensure that you download it from the official and legitimate website.

The official website where you can download the TOR browser is You only need a reliable internet connection because it is free to download. Additionally, you will not be charged to use the browser.

Open the browser and check the options available on the homepage. You have two options to choose from: the onion list and the TOR link list. You can click on any of the two links, and you will be directed to other.onion sites.

Navigating through the deep web is fun if you are doing it for the right reasons. Therefore, you can make your work easier by bookmarking the homepage and other sites that you like. This will allow you to access the sites during subsequent visits quickly.

Security and Privacy

You already know that the deep web is a mysterious place where all manners of illegal activities can occur. Therefore, users are in charge of their security and privacy when using the dark web.

To ensure that your security and privacy are not at risk, there are some things that you should do. First, make sure that you disable Java, Flash, and JavaScript. Then clear the cookies every time you are using the TOR browser.

Also, you should never use the TOR browser for Google searches. Additionally, avoid using torrent or Https websites or any of your personal data when accessing and using the dark web. These simple yet effective measures will help to keep you safe when accessing the hidden wiki.

Is It Good to Use VPN When Accessing the Dark Web?

VPN ensures that your real IP address is concealed. Therefore, it is always recommended that you use a VPN when accessing the deep web because your location details will be hidden. It is better to be safe by ensuring that no one can locate you or trace your location after using the dark web.

How to Make Payments on The Dark Web

You might be making some payments for services delivered through the dark web. However, you have to take precautions when making the payments. It is never advisable to use a debit or credit card to make any payment through the dark web.

Instead, you should use Bitcoins or any other form of digital currency when making payments on the deep web. This is because cryptocurrencies are a secure mode of payment and that will help to keep your details anonymous.

Final Thoughts

The deep web is a mysterious site that can be used for various purposes. While some people use it for educational and research purposes, others use it to conduct illegal businesses such as money laundering and cyber-attacks.

To access the deep web, you need to use the TOR browser and follow the above guidelines. Once you have finished your work on the deep web, it is important to clean everything. Close the TOR browser and then reboot your computer.

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