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English 110: Article Critique Assignment

Author: Mary Rouse
by Mary Rouse
Posted: Aug 09, 2021

In respect to the products that come from both the colleges and universities, the author stresses that they are ineffective and non-motivational in nature. The products are mostly unemployed while the group that finds jobs is recruited in positions that do not require college degree. This diminishes the core function of attaining higher education certificates. It is arguably right for the author to postulate that employment successes of graduates have not in many cases been prioritized by major higher education institutions. In fact, I can vehemently argue that these institutions have instead commercialized the level of education offered to students. This means to increase their immediate annual revenues rather than focusing on the quality availed to the already enrolled students. Notwithstanding, it is fair to pose the question on whether these products have been able to enjoy the rewards of working hard and earning degrees. For certain, the most formidable answer to this question is negative. This can be depicted by the fact that the Return-On-Investments for MBA-graduates have continued to suffer flat salaries that do not reflect any prior efforts made. For instance, the author states that clients of law firms have continued to desist to pay first-time lawyers on the ground that they do not present any form of value. Large corporate structures have also followed suit and refused newer graduates internship payment structures.

Significantly, the cost of higher education is considered to have increased ridiculously at the expense of the quality education required to formulate productive students. It is argued that most of the American institutions of higher learning have embarked on increasing fees at the same time adopting a highly complex and aggressive pricing system that is discriminatory in nature. This system is based on the approach of setting higher price lists while requiring customers to declare their wealth and income sources before they can be granted access and thereafter discounts to these universities. The fairer question that can be asked under this subjective treatment of potential American higher education clients will therefore be "Is this system cognizant of the fact that most of the middle-income level households are likely to lose the grip and thereby overlook the use of higher education?". The answer to this questions lies directly within the recent statistics attributed to historical higher education sectors versus the currents system. It is argued that most of the parents that had the opportunity to get college education find it hard to provide a similar education level to their children due to the exorbitant prices across the country. Therefore, we can ask ourselves who is to blame for this form of exploitation on the part of the students and other concerned stakeholders at large. The value of education as perceived by the larger society and the immediate access to subsidized finances catapulted the demand for higher education at the same time creating a formidable platform that encouraged the souring of prices.

Another notable feature that has been used to detect the rising cost of higher education at the expense of quality of graduates rests with the business model that is extremely phenomenal. For instance, the requirement set for students staying within campuses has increased costs significantly. Consequently, the traditional emphasis put on one acquiring university degree as opposed to learning through apprenticeship has led to the commercialization of the higher education sector. While it might be true that university degree puts one above the average rest, it does not mean that such specific courses and skills should be overlooked.

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