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Looking To Buy Olukai en slippers in San Diego? Looking How To Care for Slippers

Author: Vikram Kumar
by Vikram Kumar
Posted: Aug 08, 2021

It is nice you want to buy Olukai mens shoes online or sandal or any footwear at all. The online is my first go to place for shopping. It beats me why people have problems buying shoes online. Anyway, buying footwear is fantastic, so is caring for them. Many people change footwear like they change their meal. The reasons might not be because the sandal was low-quality, but due to damages from lack of proper maintenance.

If you have been wearing tight shoes all day at work, when you get back home, the first thing you will do is wear your slippers. When it comes to moving around the home, staying comfortable, and relaxed, you need a pair of slippers; yes they are that important. So, considering how vital slippers are, we have decided to provide information about how to take care of Olukai slippers.

Taking care of slippers:

Olukai have information on cleaning different that varieties of footwear they offer for sale. Whatever products you desire, you can find it at They are footwear stores that stocks wide array of Olukai footwear. So, if you need instructions on cleaning any of their footwear, get it from Buy Olukai mens shoes online.

In the meantime, the cleaning process in this article is a general cleaning tips for different slippers.

Cleaning slippers:

Can slippers be washed in a machine? The answer is no. Instead they should be spot cleaned; this is a general rule. The same goes with cotton made slippers, wash them carefully as you would your favorite cotton dress.

Suede slippers:

Wash suede slippers with dry cloth; this will soak up any spills on the slippers. If the stain on the slipper is heavy, eliminate it with a dish cleaning soap.

Leather slippers:

Use leather washer to clean leather slippers. If you don’t have leather wipes, get it at the convenience store.

Cotton slippers:

For cotton slippers, dip the footwear inside cold water and wash it with soft detergent or dish soap. When you are done washing the interior and exterior part of the slippers, don’t ring it to avoid deforming it.

Can you wash slippers in the dryer?

No, if you need to dry them use the air-dryer method after you have cleaned the slippers.

Best time to replace slippers:

Do you need to replace your slippers and you feel guilty about disposing them? If they are damaged, change the footwear. If any part of the shoe is bad like the sole or you feel uncomfortable wearing the slippers, it is time to dispose it. Slippers are meant to support and protect your feet; when it is damaged, it will no longer function well as it should.

Has your slippers developed odor?

If your footwear smells, it is time to remove the odor and restore freshness. How? First, you can pour baking soda or foot powder inside the slippers to defuse the smell. Once you have done sprinkling baking soda or powder, wipe your floor clean.


Here you have it, information on how to clean your slippers. Cleaning your footwear will make it last longer. Don’t wash any footwear with a machine because, it could damage it. If you Buy Olukai Mens Slippers in San Diego after searching for where to Buy Olukai Mens Shoes online, take care of it, follow the tips in this article. For best slippers, visit Hansensurf store today.

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