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Best Tips To Earn Money In Fantasy Cricket

Author: Rohit Patil
by Rohit Patil
Posted: Aug 19, 2021

Cricket in India is the most-followed religion in this cricket-crazy country. The love for cricket in this country is unmatched. And with the advent of fantasy cricket in India, people have received a chance to convert their love of cricket into a monetary gain for themselves. Fantasy cricket has taken India by storm and has created a massive impact on the lives of people.

Several apps have made it much easier for the average person to earn a good amount of money, thanks to several different factors. And no, you do not need to be a cricketing genius to crack the honeypot in fantasy cricket. There are just a few factors to be kept in mind if you want to earn a few bucks while playing the game.

Knowledge of the game

The first thing to keep in mind is knowledge. Yes, it is not compulsory to be a cricket buff and have entire knowledge of the cricketing world. But, having a little bit of knowledge will take you a lot further than the competition. The know-how of which player is in form and which player is a definite starter in the playing XI is important. The other thing that you can always do is ask someone for help. Catch a person with acute knowledge of the game and that will do wonders for you.

Good research skills

The second thing to keep in mind is research. This probably is the most important thing while playing fantasy cricket online. Without proper research, even the most knowledgeable of fans fail to strike when it matters the most. There are several podcasts, articles, chat forums, and videos that discuss the probable lineup and provide helpful tips which in turn help your chances of winning some cash. Remember this; an expert is called an expert because he has good knowledge of the subject as well as the fantasy sport.

Starting from small

Choosing the correct tournament to play is also very important. The correct tournament will ensure that the prize money you win is good enough and that there is a lower factor of risk involved with your money. Joining a small tournament at the beginning is the correct way to go and a risk-free venture. Your chances of winning may be low but you will get a very good hands-on experience.

Past performances and real-time matches

Once you register on a platform, you should take a look at the past trends and real-time matches and pick the team accordingly. Watching and picking the team in real-time will give you a very big edge over the competition. If you don’t get success in one try, there’s no need to get worried. You can try as many combinations as you can to get the perfect result.

Choosing your captain and vice-captain

The other things to keep in mind are whom you chose as the captain and vice-captain. The safest bet is to always keep the most in-form player as your captain. The player will surely give you the most amount of points in the long run. While the captain gives your 2x points, the vice-captain provides 1.5x points. So it is important to choose a good vice-captain for your team as well.

Going for the dark horse?

There’s also the other option to take a wild guess and go with the dark horse. Although the surety of points may be less, if the player strikes then you may strike gold as well. The amount of points you may get if your dark horse strikes gold is tremendous. And although it may be a shot in the dark, there are also chances of predicting who can be your dark horse. Some in-depth study of the game and the players will make you adept at guessing the possibility of the dark horse.

Pitch & weather conditions

Pitch and weather conditions are also a few factors to be kept in mind while deciding the team. The condition of the pitch is also important to know when you want to select a player as the pitch differs according to the stadium and the weather conditions.

The points system may also vary according to the type of match being played whether it is an ODI match, a T20I match, or a Test match. Choose the players according to the format and their fluency with it.

Fantasy cricket once played responsibly and taking into consideration all the factors can be an excellent way to pass some of your time and earn a little money on the side.

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