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The Importance Of Drug Testing In The Work Place

Author: Drug Test
by Drug Test
Posted: Oct 16, 2014

Illicit drug use in the workplace is more common than many people think. Ten percent of employees who are between the ages of 18 and 49 have admitted to working while under the influence of drugs. More employers are choosing to conduct drug test. In fact, it is estimated that drug testing in the workplace has increased by 277 percent since 1987. Nine out of 10 employees believe that drug testing is a good idea. There are a number of reasons that employers have implemented a drug-testing policy. Below are some of the reasons that drug testing is important:


Employers are responsible for making sure that the work environment is safe. One of the things that they can do to keep the environment safe is to drug-test their employees. Employees who work while under the influence of drugs, but themselves and the public in danger.

For example, if nurses perform their duties while under the influence of drugs, then they may give the wrong medication to a patient. This can result in serious injury or death. Truck drivers who drive while under the influence of drugs can get into an accident and seriously hurt or kill someone.

Furthermore, people who work while under the influence are more likely to suffer an injury. In fact, it is estimated that half of the injuries that occur in the workplace are due to drug abuse. This injury could cost the business thousands of dollars.


Every business strives to maintain a good reputation. If a company has a bad reputation, then customers will not hesitate to go somewhere else. Even if only one person at the company is using drugs, this could make the entire company look bad. Drug testing helps businesses maintain a good reputation.

Increase Productivity

In order for a business to maximize its revenue, it must have employees who are productive. Employees who use drugs are 10 times more likely to miss days at work. They are also 33 percent less productive. When employees miss work, this not only decreases productivity, but it also increases the workload of the other employees. A drug-testing policy will help increase the productivity of the business.

Save Money

Employees who use drugs cost companies a significant amount of money. It is estimated that the American industry spends $140 billion each year due to drug abuse. A drug-testing policy helps companies save money.

Legal Concerns

In many places, it is required by law for employers to drug test all of their employees. The United States Department Of Transportation requires that every employee undergo a drug test before they start their job. Companies that do not drug-test their employees may face lawsuits if the employee behaves inappropriately or illegally.

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