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Everything you Need to Know about On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Panel System

Author: Think Smart Globe Private Limited
by Think Smart Globe Private Limited
Posted: Aug 21, 2021

Solar power has become one of the significant sources of renewable energy worldwide in the last few decades. As a result, the generation and use of solar power worldwide are phenomenally growing. It is why the solar power market valued at around only 52 billion dollars grew over three times to reach 184.03 billion dollars in 2021. The forecast is that it will grow at a CAGR of 6.9% to reach 293.18 billion dollars in 2028. However, because of climate change and other environmental concerns that kill millions of people every year, the demand for the on-grid solar panel system and others is only rapidly growing every year. Hence, it is best to buy them from the reputed off-grid solar system dealers in Delhi.

There are three significant types of solar systems, though all of them work on the same basic principles. The difference arises with their connectivity to the utility and others to have the following three types of generating valuable solar power.

  1. The on-grid solar panel system or grid-feed, or grid-tie solar system is connected to the utility grid.
  2. The off-grid solar system or SAPS or a stand-alone power system without connecting to the utility grid.
  3. The hybrid solar system is a grid-connected system with battery storage.

Read on to know more about the off-grid and on-grid solar systems to buy the best one from the best solar panel dealers in Delhi, per the need and budget to save money and the environment.

On-Grid Solar System

The on-grid solar panel system is most common and widely used in homes and commercial enterprises. It depends on the utility grid for power to function as it does not need any batteries. Hence, it enables to send of excess power generated from the sun to the grid.

With no need for batteries, it needs only the solar panel and inverters or micro-inverters to be constantly connected with the grid. The on-grid solar system is best for a reliable grid, but substantial power bills are to pay.

Off-Grid Solar System

This stand-alone power system is without connecting to the power grid and uses only the power from the sun. It needs batteries to store the excess power for using it later during cloudy or winter days. The off-grid solar system is ideal if there is no reliable utility grid or if you want to store solar power on batteries of various capacities. Though expensive than on-grid, these systems may fall short of power because of the unpredictable weather, even with the best storage power calculation for rainy days.

Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid solar systems are ideal for commercial purposes as they have both the features of on-grid and off-grid systems. In addition, they can store the excess power from the sun in enormous batteries to reduce the electricity bills and continuously run the establishment even when short of solar power with connectivity to the utility grid.

The above facts about solar systems and their three types will help choose either the off-grid solar panel system or others and buy it from trusted solar panel dealers in Delhi to save electricity costs and mother earth.

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ThinkSmart Globe is a one the leading solar system dealer in New Delhi, India, Supplies wide range of solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, lights, wire, off and on grid system, solar integration system for residential and commercial.

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