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The Chronicles of Celestial Jewellery - Gold Sun and Crescent Moon Necklaces

Author: Ranny Watson
by Ranny Watson
Posted: Aug 20, 2021
crescent moon

We all shine like the sun, moon and stars. These symbols are iconic. Celestial jewellery emblems to shine in the sparkling diamonds and glimmering gold. Crescent Moon Necklace & Gold Sun Necklace dates back to ancient civilizations. Each of these symbols represents legend, love, lore, gods and goddesses. The significance is different in different cultures according to different time periods. Celestial jewellery became popular in the 19th century. In the Victorian era and Georgian period, it was popular. And, in the modern era, celestial jewellery still holds importance.

The Crescent Moon Sun Necklace dates back to the 2nd millennium BC. These are the oldest symbols known to human existence. These symbols were first seen in the civilizations around Central Asia, the Mediterranean Sea, and Persia.

The crescent sun and moon symbols were attributes of gods and goddesses. This was in Southern Mesopotamia. Star was the Sumerian goddess of love, war and fertility. The Moon symbol was the Moon God. During the Greco-roman period, Byzantine coins were crescent and star-shaped. Coins with different symbols were present on coins during the Roman empire. These motifs were famous during the ottoman empire as well. Furthermore, it led to the association of the Islamic region in the Islamic flags. These crescent symbols date back to antiquity. Ancient Greeks believe that the moon and the sun necklaces were good luck charms.

Symbolism in the Sky

The Georgians and Victorians were sentimental beings. They were not allowed to express emotions so they found symbols for that. Symbols in the form of crescent moon necklaces and sun moon necklaces. They used such charm pendants as a gift to their loved ones. Sun and Moon symbols were a perfect gift for the ones who appreciated love and kindness. Emotions were a very important part of the families. Since they were not allowed to openly express their emotions. Thus, rare handmade pieces were presented as a gift to loved ones. Crescent moon and gold sun symbols were popular during the late Georgian period as well. Just as the sky symbolises the sun, moon and stars are important, similarly, these symbols are crucial in our real lives.

Let's Look At The Modern Moon Charms

During the 19th century, crescent moons celebrated the feminine goddesses. It's associated with feminine empowerment. Moon necklaces also signify transformation. And, when it converts into a full moon, it represents the ebb and flow of life. Moon and the stars also add as romantic gifts to your loving partners. In the 1880s, Victorian brides wore crescent moon brooches. They also wore a crescent moon cradling a flower on their honeymoons. Popularly known as 'honeymoon brooches', these symbols represent the magic of the moon. Why not try wearing the crescent moon necklaces? Awaken the feminine energies inside you with elegant moon necklaces.

Here Comes The Powerful Gold Sun Necklaces

Sun is another powerful symbol that represents time, light and clarity of life force. It symbolizes energy, strength and power that you must find within yourself. There were so many sun motifs in the Art Nouveau period. Then, again, they were introduced in the mid-20th century. In the mid-twentieth century, the sun symbol was embedded in the gold chains. It grabbed attention because of the astrological significance of constellation star signs.

To briefly conclude, the symbolism of celestial jewellery is still translated into magical jewellery options. Modern imaginative jewellery options for women are here. Why not choose something magical like celestial jewellery. It's time to give your loved ones something unique and magical. Get ready to empower yourselves with the lucky celestial jewellery.

Live your life to the moon and back. Shine bright like the sun with gold sun necklaces.
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