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Listening to Music While Studying in 2021

Author: Medo Mare
by Medo Mare
Posted: Aug 23, 2021

Several other studies have also found that we may find it easier to solve learning problems when we are in a positive mood, compared to when we are in a negative or neutral mood. Relaxing music can also help us deal with stress and anxiety because music helps our brain lower cortisol levels, our body's hormone responsible for feelings of stress and anxiety.

Studying can be stressful, especially when we don't fully understand the subject matter. When you feel overwhelmed or upset, listening to music can help you relax and work more effectively. To relieve fatigue and stress, many of them listen to music while studying. Then whether learning while listening to music has a positive effect or vice versa? Here are some of the benefits of studying while listening to music, which you need to know.

Lowering Stress Level

Listening to music can build a person's enjoyment so that it can reduce stress levels significantly. Many of them do learning activities while listening to their favorite music. The effect is the learning atmosphere becomes happy and learning will feel easy.

Increase Reading Interest

Listening to music often makes children listen to the lyrics too. That means it will trigger children's curiosity about new words found through the music they like. By itself this can also help increase interest in reading in children.

Improve Verbal Ability

Similar to reading interest, children who like to listen to music will have more vocabulary stores than children who don't like listening to music. That means music can also help improve children's verbal skills.

Train to Concentrate

Because it turns out that listening to music while studying for someone is actually annoying, but if practiced this can actually make it easier for children to concentrate or focus on lessons.

Able to change the atmosphere to be calming and fun

Learning while listening to music, for the most part, believes that music is one of the means that can change an atmosphere that was previously tense, stressed into a pleasant atmosphere in learning. But there are those who think that listening to music can eliminate concentration in learning.

Music is known to produce waves that can affect brain performance and have a calming effect. The most recommended type of music is classical music or other soft rhythmic music because the benefits of classical music with regular notes provide a calming effect.

After knowing the benefits, I also recommend to my friends the music that I often hear is Punjabi songs with a very melodious chant. This music is very popular in my country and this music comes from India with a dense population.

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