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High Quality Meat Mixer Grinders Ideal for the Food Processing Industry

Author: Samuel Coleman
by Samuel Coleman
Posted: Oct 17, 2014

Meat mixer grinders are mainly produced to finely slice meat into equal parts. This makes cooking of meat much easier and faster. Moreover, there are many families and individuals today who love to east processed food raw or cooked. They visit shopping centers or browse through the internet to purchase fast food or processed meat that is tasty and flavored to be liked by children and adults alike.

With changing time, people do not wish to spend longer time on cooking various meat dishes. Meat mixer grinders save a lot of your time and energy. Such machinery helps to cut down large pieces of meat and makes cooking of meat much easier for today’s busy couples and family.

Apart from using mixer grinder in households, it is important equipment in various food processing units. They require many different kinds of machinery to process meat, cheese, and such other types of foodstuffs. Meat mixer grinders are used to mix and grind large chunks of beef, pork, or chicken to produce tiniest pieces. The meat is then packaged to sell in different shopping centers. People love to consume processed meat fresh or cook the same to prepare a variety of delicious dishes for the family or guests.

One of the well-known suppliers of high quality of meat mixer grinders in the market today is Machines 4 Food Ltd. This company supplies a wide variety of new and refurbished machines including meat mincer, mixer grinder, cheese cutter, conveyor system, labeling machines, and much more. All the machinery sold by Machines 4 Food Ltd are branded and guaranteed. They come at the best possible price and can easily be bought online using debit or credit card.

Weiler 878 AG Grinder

This branded grinder comes with 11 inch diameter mince plate. It is suitable to mix and grind fresh meat as well as flaked frozen meat. The hopper is made of heavy duty stainless steel. There is a mix arm to stop bridging. Weiler 878 AG Grinder also has an option of tote bin hoist.

Wolfking CFS Mixer Grinder

Amongst the meat mixer grinders supplied by Machines 4 Food Ltd. mention needs to be made of Model Valient 140 Mixer Grinder. It comes with all stainless steel construction and has a 100 kg hopper capacity with single mix paddle. The mince head is 140 mm and is driven by a 7.5 Kw motor. This mixer grinder comes with a safety interlocked cover.

Weiler Grinder Mincer

This Weiler Grinder Mincer is suitable for flaked frozen meat or fresh meat. It has 50 Hp motor, 8 inch (200mm) diameter mince plate and is supplied with 3 months warranty.

Hobart 4346 Mixer Grinder

Hobart brand meat mixer grinder is small in size. It features a 100 kg hopper with single paddle mix arm. The head size of the mince is 32 and it comes with good work horse. Factories can easily use the same machine to mix or grind foodstuffs as necessary from time to time.

Hobart Mixer Grinder

The hopper capacity is 200 kg. This refurbished mixer grinder has twin mix arms, auger feed into grinding worm, 15 Hp grinding motor and 5 Hp mix motor.

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