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Autographs: Reprint

Author: Dhroov Nanda
by Dhroov Nanda
Posted: Aug 24, 2021
autograph reprint

Autograph reprint is a duplication of a real autograph of books and documents. but not an actual autograph occurred to me just now that this is probably computer-related; if that is true, I am sorry I wasted time. It occurred to me how when I sign for say, packages, how might that be translated into 1/0 and compared with a "standard" or a similar event at the bank. Oh well,l computer-related to know if someone can make it so I can understand it.

  • Would selling autograph reprints next to legitimate autographs scare customers?

What are you selling? A reprint of an autograph? Or is it a copy of a print of an autograph? Just a print. Either way, neither seems to be worth putting the effort into. I live next to a music venet autographs from bands pretty often. I flip these autographs for a good amount of money. Anyways, I just had the idea of selling reprints of these autographs after the original sells. I'm going to state AUTOGRAPH REPRINT in the title and the description multiple times. My only problem is, will selling autograph reprints next to legit autographs scare away customers looking for legit autographs only.

  • Does printing reprints of a particular book make the original book less valuable?

The original edition only becomes more valuable with time. Reprints do not have the same value as the original. If the reprint itself is old, then it might merit collectible status in its own right, but modern reprints have no value beyond their list price. For example, I had to pay $100 to get a little book on Italian Renaissance Fashion, which I was willing to pay because it simply was not accessible anywhere, and the information in it was that good. It's a tiny little book, nothing special except the quality of the text. I saw that later it was going for $250. If the book had been reprinted, that entire market would have disappeared, because many of the people buying it just wanted it as a research reference and had no other way to get it. I would have been very happy with a $20 reprint. (Can’t remember the title, sorry) ADDED: Here is another good example. I recently was looking for a book called The Blood Sacrifice Complex, a fascinating study of the history of and causes for practices like cannibalism, human sacrifice, and circumcision. Originally someone's Ph.D. thesis, it was published in 1923. Well, none of the reprints is currently available, and even on the used book market, they are hard to find. I have seen a copy selling for $70.

  • How is an autograph different from a signature?

If I write my name on a document, that’s a signature. The word " signature" also means an aspect so typical of all that it’s considered identifying - a "signature outfit", or a "signature song".Boyfriend loves to cook and has a "signature dish".An autograph is something written by someone’s personality a book that Fidel Castro autographed for my father.

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