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All you need to know about treating blood cancer

Author: Dev Nair
by Dev Nair
Posted: Aug 26, 2021

Several results show blood cancer starts mainly in the blood marrow. When the abnormal blood cells begin to grow enormously, it results in blood cancer. These types of blood cancer are also known as hematologic cancer. If you have blood cancer, it is advised to get treated by the best blood cancer doctor in Mumbai for the best results. Mentioned below are some of the types of blood cancer.

Types of Blood cancer:

There are generally three types of blood cancer that will be studied below. These types of blood cancer are mainly known as Leukaemia, myeloma, and lymphoma.


Leukemia is one of the most common blood cancers, and it arises in the bone marrow or the blood. This takes place when there are plenty of abnormal white blood cells. These white blood cells start to interfere with bone marrow and affect the bone marrow's ability to make platelets and red blood cells. So if you have Leukaemia, it is advised to get treated by the best blood cancer doctor in India for the best results.


These types of blood cancer develop in the lymphatic system and are the cells that are named lymphocytes. This is a type of white blood cell that is responsible for fighting infections.


This type of blood cancer starts in the blood plasma cells. This is a kind of white blood cell that is created in bone marrow especially.

Blood cancer symptoms:

Mentioned below are some of the symptoms of blood cancer.

  • The person experiences fever and chill

  • There is loss of appetite, and nausea is experienced

  • There is persistent fatigue and weakness

  • The person experiences night sweats

  • There is pain experienced in the bone and joints

  • There is weight loss which is hard to understand why

Blood cancer treatment:

Several factors decide blood cancer treatment, such as age, cancer spread, and many more. Mentioned below are some of the most common treatments offered for blood cancer patients.

Stem cell transplantation:

In this process, healthy blood-forming stem cells are infused into the body through the transplant process. The stem cells are generally collected from the circulating blood, bone marrow, and umbilical cord blood. If you have blood cancer and are looking for stem cell transplantation, then it is advised to consult with a blood cancer specialist doctor in Mumbai.


Chemotherapy is done to stop the growth of cancer cells present in the body through anticancer drugs. Chemotherapy for blood cancer involves consuming several drugs together in a set regime for the best results.

Radiation therapy:

Radiation therapy has various implications as it kills or destroys the cancer cells and relieves the patient from pain and discomfort. Radiation therapy is also given to many cancer patients before the stem cell transplant treatment.


Mentioned above is detail about blood cancer types, symptoms, and treatment. The points mentioned above will give you a brief on blood cancer.

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