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How to Choose Kids’ Summer Clothes

Author: Tanya Campbell
by Tanya Campbell
Posted: Aug 23, 2021

We are sure that you can feel the season of fall slowly bidding us goodbye in the merry country of Australia and that the onset of Spring is near. Guess what that heralds? Summer and oh boy, how hot can it be in Australia in summer! So, amidst everything, clothing is also very important. Yes, we know that quill and a pair of fuzzy socks are hard to quit, but take it from the kids about how easily they can adjust to the changing seasons.

But you know what they cannot do on their own? - Choosing clothes. We feel your pain in choosing clothes for your kids every season, especially in the summer, since the aspects of quality and price are of utmost importance. So, take this article as a "guide" to choosing the right clothes for your kids this summer because it is harder than you might think.

Choice of Colours

So, when it comes to selecting clothes for kids that are still very young, it could be nothing short of a nightmare since different colours permit different levels of comfort on the skin of young children. Yes, those tedious physics lessons did reveal some extremely important things about colours and comfort. Basically, you want to choose something easy on the eyes, and we know it sounds complicated, but trust us, some colours would naturally bear easily on your eyes. For instance, red is an extremely physical colour, which makes it highly noticeable and does not lay easy on our eyes. In contrast, a colour like blue would be a lot easier for your eyes to handle.

So, that is tip no. 1, try to look for vibrant colours rather than overbearing. Another aspect to choosing the right coloured clothing for your kid is that of coolness. Since summer in Australia means tons of energetic kids and lots of sweating, a light- coloured clothing is the most comfortable choice to make. And by light, we don’t just mean white, but also bluish-grey or pink and so on. So, this season, look for the colours that seem appropriate to you and go with Australia's weather

Mark the Materials

Here come the fun bits. Yes, materials tend to be the most concerning aspect to picking out kids’ clothes in the current context since the volume of clothing production is just enormous and sourcing out natural quality materials is not the option for everyone due to variations in availability and, of course, budget. So, the first and foremost material that you should look for in your kids’ clothes is cotton.

Cotton is a relatively cheap material and is found in abundance. The reason for choosing cotton is that cotton is an excellent absorber of heat and moisture, which your kids and even you need during a warm season.

See, here is the thing: cotton is a natural fibre which means synthetic fibres can be mixed, but it is not entirely bad. Some synthetic materials such as rayon, elastane and so on are good for summer seasons since they have fine thread counts and are not bulky. So, whether your kids need dresses or shorts or track pants or jumpsuits, choose cotton over anything.

Stay in Style

This is perhaps the most universally difficult aspect to choosing out the right clothes for your little ones. The very term ‘style’ is difficult to define yet is understood by everyone, right? For your kid, the style is what you pick for them. Make sure that your kids dress in Australia are light flowy and breathable to keep them cool during summer.

So, the right style is crucial for your kids. Otherwise, they would not wear them. So, here are some suggestions for you, pair a muslin shirt with either denim shorts or track pants for your children. Next, you can pick out an extremely flowy dress for your little girl or a pair of overalls for your son as well. So, keep these suggestions in mind.

And there you have it, a brief and precise guide to choosing the right summer clothes for your kids. Remember that if you have the right eye for it, you will be able to choose successfully.

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