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The Benefits And Safety Of A Modern Ozone Generator

Author: A2Zo Zone
by A2Zo Zone
Posted: Oct 18, 2014

A molecule that is made out of three oxygen atoms is called ozone. The ozone layer is actually a part of the atmosphere and protects the entire planet from UV rays. Consumers are able to purchase a unique type of air purifier, which intentionally produces ozone.

Many consumers have never even heard about ozone generators. These products are known for being able to mask and reduce odors. They’re also known for being able to mask the small of second-hand tobacco smoke. It’s important to realize that there are indirect and direct ozone generators.

Direct and Indirect Generators

Direct ozone generators intentionally produce ozone, which neutralizes various chemicals in the air inside of a home. These generators are commonly used for major odor issues, and they’re very effective when used in fire restoration jobs and bars.

However, direct generators shouldn’t be used while people or animals are nearby. Art, plants, pets and people need to vacate an area that is going to be treated with a direct ozone generator.

All rubber items should also be removed from the area. Direct ozone generators should be run for a few days, and the area should be adequately ventilated before humans or pets return.

Indirect ozone generators are usually components of ionic air purifiers. An ionic air purifier sends out negatively charged ions, which stick to particles and chemicals and cause them to fall to the ground. Ozone is a byproduct of ionic air purifiers.

How Does It Work?

Ozone is a molecule, and it consists of three oxygen molecules. When it interacts with certain chemicals, it changes the air.

Put simply, ozone transforms chemicals into carbon dioxide, water, oxygen and other aldehydes. It’s true that very large amounts of ozone can negatively impact a person’s health, but most ozone generators do not produce such large amounts of ozone.

Most of the manufacturers of ozone generators limit the amount of ozone produced by their products, so the products conform to EPA guidelines.

The Benefits of Ozone Generators

Different products produce different amounts of ozone. Many homeowners are realizing the benefits of owning a home ozone generator, which produces just enough ozone to provide a wide range of benefits. Ozone can be used for bleaching, sterilizing spaces and purifying water.

It can even be used to remove smoke and accelerate the aging process of various materials. It can purify air and kill mold and bacteria. Many different hotels use these generators to clean rooms in between occupancies. They’re especially effective for removing tobacco smoke.

An ozone generator is also an important aspect of fire restoration because it removes odors and air contaminants. Ozone generators are also used in food processing plants. At the end of the day, a home ozone generator could prove to be an excellent investment. For more information visit:

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