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Things You Need to know About Air Freight Shipping

Author: Pooja Shetty
by Pooja Shetty
Posted: Sep 04, 2021

Air freight shipping is the ideal solution to transport high-value shipments on a commercial air carrier. Shipment Preparation is also very important. These goods are usually imported through a logistics company and are a practical option for shipping goods of all shapes and sizes. Importing a variety of goods for organizations or individuals, these forwarders such as DHL Express arranges and gathers shipments of these goods worldwide and locally. DHL Freight takes over the role of freight forwarder when importing these goods.

To have a complete understanding of air freight shipping, it is broken down into three different types.

Three different types of air freight shipping

1. Commercial or passenger planes

Various airlines can also carry light cargo and make significant money on air travel. However, the number of restrictions for this type of cargo on these flights is greater, since the cargo is transported on passenger aircraft. Many airlines check the size and weight of such shipments and in many cases even the destination.

2. Cargo planes

Because cargo aircraft are designed to carry heavier loads, they can carry much more cargo than commercial aircraft. On average, cargo aircraft can carry about 26,000 cubic feet of cargo. These planes are not designed to carry passengers and have fewer restrictions compared to them. on commercial flights.

DHL Freight offers a wide variety of options to suit your budget, shipping needs, and weight and size.

3. Air charters

Charter flights are often used in emergency or extreme situations. With this mode of transportation, you are hiring a chartered plane to transport your goods only to your desired destination. While this type of shipment is the fastest and most concise. You can also incur a significant amount of money to ship an item. This is because in most cases your forwarders have no scale or outside interference.

Benefits of air freight shipping

1.It’s safer and secure

Air travel is the safest option for transporting sensitive cargo, so if your flight is not exposed to adverse weather conditions, air travel is easier and safer than sea or road travel, which means less damage.

2.It’s the quickest mode of shipping

Unless the weather conditions are unfavorable, air travel is the fastest mode of transport. With air transportation, you have the opportunity to receive cargo anywhere, including service on the same day. delay.

3.It’s cost-effective

Initially, air freight shipping may appear to be expensive, but there are many factors that make it cost-effective.

  • Air freight does not need heavy packaging or the need to be stored in a container.
  • The packing costs are lower and container rental isn’t required.
  • There is reduced overhead with air freight shipping.

Since your freight gets expedited, it eliminates the need to warehouse or store it.

4.It’s accurate

Freight shipping?is accurate as flights depart and arrive directly at their destinations at the scheduled time, with no intermediate stops to explore the tourist destination, so you can easily check the status of your cargo and it works for several hours. instead of days, the probability of error is less

Things to keep in mind while using air freight

  1. Social factors: The social as well as regional factors play a key role in determining the cost of air freight. Conditions such as work strikes, war, agitation, pandemics, and even terrorism activities can reduce the demand and make it costlier for air freight forwarders to work in that area.
  2. Working costs: This depends on several factors and one important cause being the cost of fuel. If the fuel costs are low and are likely to stay low for some time, then it can majorly affect the working expenses. This cost gets reflected in the delivery rates.

3. Financial factors: Economic factors can directly impact your import and export service. For instance, in bull economies, the interest rate for air freight shipping can exceed limits which can prompt more significant expenses.

DHL for one makes sure that your shipment arrives safely and on time regardless of the kind of freight it is.

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Dhl for one makes sure that your shipment arrives safely and on time regardless of the kind of freight it is.

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