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Exercise band

Author: Jhon Poll
by Jhon Poll
Posted: Sep 04, 2021

There are various names for exercise bands such as "rubber band, loop band, training tube", but the point is that it is a large rubber band for training that trains muscles by pulling or expanding the rubber band. Table of contents

1 Resistance (strength) display is easy to understand. You can change the band used depending on the part!2 Comes with easy-to-understand textAbout 5 levels of strength of 3 rubber4 Exercise band is convenient to use while "while"?5 [Core training] I tried using the Active Winner exercise band

Bonus: Active Winner Exercise Band I tried using it by strength

The resistance (strength) display is easy to understand. You can change the band used depending on the part!

It seems that the training book posted at the top also comes with a rubber band, but the good thing about Active Winner's exercise band is that there are 5 types of rubber bands with different loads.

5 types of rubber bands

The amount of load applied to the body when exercising changes depending on the resistance (strength) of the rubber band, but it is easy to understand because the strength display of 5 levels from the lightest one is indicated by the number of It is also possible to color-code, so once you remember, you can easily change the band, "Let's make one lighter! Let's make one heavier."

Comes with easy-to-understand text Even if you have 5 types of rubber bands, you may think that you can't use them unless you know how to use them, but that's okay. It comes with very easy-to-understand text.

Exercise band text

1: Thigh2: Shoulder circumference

3: Shoulder / upper arm4: Upper arm5: Shoulder circumference

6: Upper forearm

6: Upper forearm7: Shoulder circumference

7: Shoulder circumference8: Thighs/abdomen9: Thighs/sides10: Thigh side

The trainable parts described in the text are as described above, but when I actually try these 10 types of training, I feel that the pectoral muscles and back muscles are also being trained while training the arms and shoulders. I will.

And even though all of them are very simple and easy movements, if you do the number of times and increase the intensity, it will be a fairly hard exercise.

When I first saw the exercise text, I thought, "Should I buy a training book?", But I don't think it's necessary for the time being. It may be necessary if you want to train muscles in a completely different part that is not in the text.

If you are doing general training such as arms, legs, chest, back, etc., I think that you will be satisfied with the 10 types of training described in this text for the time being.

I think it's hard to do all 10 types. You must be very prepared or have some free time. Do your best, maybe half at most?!!

Is it more effective to do 2 to 3 types of training every day than to do 10 types of training once a week? I think... I think it's a good idea to put it in a place where you can easily take it out and feel free to take a break.

About 5 levels of rubber strength

Comparing the rubber belts of 1 and 5, it looks like this. Can you see that the thickness of the band is quite different?Rubber thickness

I asked my son (21 years old) to do the exercise of stretching up and down on the backside in each band.

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Rubber strength

Since the face is not shown, it may be difficult to convey the strength, but the belts of 1 and 2 were stretched with the feeling of "easy win", but when it comes to 4 and 5, "kuu..." It was like that. When it came to 5, it seemed that I couldn't extend it beyond this.

Depending on the exercise you do, it seems that there is a difference between the 3rd level being weak... and the 3rd level being difficult... so you may be more satisfied if you use it properly depending on the part.

The exercise band is convenient to use while "while" Exercise band training is also attractive because you can train loosely while watching TV, sitting at your desk, and so on. It's more like stretching than training, but I think this kind of thing is "dust", so it's better to do it than not to do it ~

With exercise band training, it's not embarrassing for people to see what you're doing, so I feel like you can do it during breaks in the office.

This is a picture taken when the product arrived, but it also comes with a special storage bag and is light and compact, so it is convenient to carry.Storage bag

The price is 1,797 yen, so it's good that you can buy it immediately if you think "I want it!" (At the price as of September 23, 2016)

The only unfortunate thing is that it smells a bit rubbery. Rather than feeling sick during use, the palm I was holding feels like rubber.

Strong rubber smell is only the first of these, as soon as I would like smell goes thinner Kedo - because after the initial use quite smells, one weaker of rubber smell of whether it is preferable to use from the keep out some time from the bag think.

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Author: Jhon Poll

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