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Who Is An Ideal Candidate For A Hip Replacement?

Author: Timely Medical
by Timely Medical
Posted: Sep 09, 2021

Hip replacement surgery is quite common all over the world. It is one of the most successful orthopedic surgical procedures that relieve the patients from pain and help them in returning to their quality of life. However, hip replacement surgery is also known as a major surgery that includes a variety of risks. Due to this, it is suggested to only those patients who are perfectly ideal for it.

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure that might provide a patient with relief, but it is a treatment for which not everyone is a good candidate. Patients of almost any age can have a private hip replacement in Ottawa but are commonly done in patients between the age group of 50 to 80 years. Hip replacement surgery is usually not recommended to the youngsters as the results of the surgery just last for 20 years and the patient again needs to follow the treatment after this time period. The eligibility for a hip replacement surgery depends on the following points:-

The Severity of the Condition:-

The eligibility of the candidate for a hip replacement surgery highly depends on the severity of the condition. Those who have high pain or less effect on their regular activities are not recommended this type of treatment. The surgery is provided to those whose pain does not improve with rest and other alternative treatments.

When deciding that whether a patient is or not a good candidate, the surgeon usually evaluates the amount of pain the patient is experiencing. It also depends on how severely the pain is affecting his/her life. Those who experience high pain during any movement or while sleeping and find it tough to get rid of it without the painkillers, or medications, are considered the ideal candidate for a hip replacement.


Someone with injury or advanced damage to the hip joint that causes them significant pain along with limited mobility is also considered an ideal candidate for a hip replacement. The injury in the hip muscles, joints, etc. Can be a result of an accident, etc. The right candidates feel pain in their hips even when they are not walking or standing


Generally, people with arthritis are considered an ideal candidate for a hip replacement. The problem of arthritis means inflammation of the joint and such patients find it tough to perform their day-to-day activities such as climbing the stairs, running, walking, bending for picking something from the floor, etc. Osteoarthritis is a common cause of arthritis in the hip. It is also one of the most common reasons due to which a patient needs a hip replacement.

Age limit:-

As mentioned above, hip replacements are generally performed in patients between the age of 60 and 80 years, older-younger age people are not contraindicated to this type of surgery.

Before a private hip replacement in Ottawa, the patients have to give a pre-operative test that is generally recommended by the experts. The purpose behind this test is to conclude that either the patient is suffering from any other disease or problem or not. Those who have any problem such as dental, urinal, etc. Are recommended to complete that treatment first. The patients are also recommended to have a healthy diet, lose weight (if overweight), avoid smoking and alcohol, etc. A few weeks before the surgery.

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