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Author: John Hello
by John Hello
Posted: Sep 27, 2013

The semiconductor value chain has gone through enormous change over the last decade as consolidation in a maturing market leaves the global industry with less players and fewer options as it strives to maintain the scaling innovations of the last half a century.

Semiconductor continue to be the major engine for the modern technological world and the next few years will see industry challenges that will redefine the future of technology. Critics have warned semiconductor manufacturers that they are reaching the physical limitations of manufacturing for years now and the industry has continued to astound with its ability to continue down the Moore’s Law path. This time the reality may be closer to the concerns, as the industry faces technical challenges moving beyond 32nm manufacturing. To compound the looming lithographic limits, the wheels have been set in motion to bring in 450mm wafers to maintain the scaling desires of manufacturers. After a few steady years in terms of capital expenditure the top players appear to be entering a new phase of competition as they seek market leadership. Such competition always drives the industry further with a positive increase in expenditure for research, development and manufacturing.

The changing nature of the semiconductor industry has seen geographical changes in the way the global industry is represented both in manufacturing and market place. The current trend sees a great deal of activity continue to migrate to the Asia Pacific region creating new challenges for industry players but no continent stands alone in a global community. On the contrary, some of the strongest innovation continues to emanate from Europe and North America. The semiconductor industry of today may have changed drastically but it is still a growing industry with 2011 seeing tool and materials suppliers hit the 300 billion dollar mark. The industry still continues to grow at a double figure average and the volatility is better managed by fewer players.

All these changes impact the entire value chain and that includes information providers in the sector.

EuroAsia Semiconductor has been providing information for the global semiconductor industry for over 25 years. The changes in the global industry means EuroAsia Semiconductor will again move in line with the semiconductor industry as it enters the next dynamic phase of global growth.

Silicon Semiconductor will be the new name for our title reflecting the simple reality of the innovative engineering and manufacturing that defines this global industry. The semiconductor sector is tipped for strong growth over the next few years and Silicon Semiconductor will be the key information portal for the world’s silicon semiconductor community, enabling positive communication methods to foster innovation. The new title also brings together our stable of titles, with our sister publication Compound Semiconductor covering manufacturing on compound material substrates.

Silicon Semiconductor will follow the manufacturing trends, industry opportunities and market announcements to provide the decision making information our reader’s need to do a difficult job in a challenging industry. Silicon Semiconductor will provide exclusive content on the manufacturing issues affecting the industry wherever in the world it may be. With so many industry challenges on the horizon it is more important than ever to gain a worldwide perspective. Silicon Semiconductor will be a catalyst for a truly global community.

Silicon Semiconductor is the only semiconductor manufacturing portal magazine that provides a global perspective on one of the most dynamic and innovative industries in the world today. With the industry set to experience growth and expansion Silicon Semiconductor will become a key partner in furthering tomorrow’s innovations today.

As an integral member of a stable of international titles serving the microelectronics’ world Silicon Semiconductor is able to draw on the synergies of its sister titles Compound Semiconductor and Solar International, to increase its focus and expand its global horizons. With the largest global circulation and a history of excellence, (as EuroAsia) Silicon Semiconductor will be the most effective and authoritative title for the industry and a must read platform for the compound semiconductor community worldwide.

Whether you represent a new start-up, an established player in the business or a company moving into the silicon semiconductor space, we have the marketing channels to provide an effective return on investment.

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