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Pain Management Procedures: FAQs

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Oct 18, 2014
pain management

I experience extreme pain playing golf or tennis. What could this be?

One reason you might be experiencing pain while playing these sports is a condition called bursitis. Another could be a rotator cuff tear, or even an irritated nerve. Most patients do not need surgery for these types of conditions; physical therapy and injections can usually solve the problem.

I have pain and numbness from my back and down the back of my thigh. What is this?

It could be sciatica. Sciatica refers to pain in an extremity, usually radiating from the back. It’s caused by a nerve being pinched or trapped. Often, it resolves on its own, but if it persists, you should visit a pain management clinic.

Do all herniated discs require surgery?

No. Some do, some don’t. A herniated disc refers to a disk that is bulging out, and in doing so has caused irritated nerves in the back or neck. In many cases, this can be treated without surgery.

What procedures can help to relieve back pain?

This depends on the type of pain and its cause, if known. If the pain is caused by arthritis like condition in the joints, facet joint injection can help to alleviate it. Very severe chronic back pain may call for epidurals. Other types of back pain could benefit from chiropractic care or physical therapy.

Can a pain clinic help with pain from a broken bone?

Yes. If you are having pain from a broken bone, especially one that can’t be stabilized in a traditional way, a pain management clinic can probably help to alleviate your pain. For example, little but time can speed the healing of broken ribs. Yet, they can be very painful while the patient waits. A pain management doctor can use a nerve block to reduce the pain significantly until the ribs heal.

Are all pain management doctors the same?

No, pain specialists come from diverse fields of medicine. Some may have trained as neurologists, orthopedists, or psychiatrists. Others could have trained as anesthesiologists. What’s important to take note of is whether or not the doctors at a particular clinic are both fellowship trained and board certified in topics which will enhance their knowledge of pain management.

Do I have to take narcotics to relieve pain?

No, not everyone has to take narcotics in order to manage their pain. Some do, but it’s often not required, and if the patient wishes to try other methods first their doctor should be happy to explore alternatives.

How do I find a good pain specialist?

The best way to find good pain management doctors is to research pain management clinics in your area. Quality clinics hire quality doctors. You’ll have access to many different treatment options if you choose to go to a pain clinic rather than to an individual doctor, which can be a major bonus. It’s much easier and more convenient for multiple doctors to coordinate your care if they work in the same facility.

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