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Types of dog boarding programs and services they offer

Author: Ricky Mario
by Ricky Mario
Posted: Oct 18, 2014

If you need a quick way to train your dog, or you don’t have enough time or skill to provide for your dog, you may have come across some boarding schools for dog, maybe through some flyers, or through some advertisement, this advertisement can be really flashy, with attractive descriptions of how the dog boarding and training works, what it’s all about, the advantage and the disadvantage and so on.

Dog boarding is simply a service offered by a trainer where dog is reserved at the trainer’s facility or home for a specific period of time and a specific amount of fee would be paid.

In this article today, we will discuss the types of Dog boarding kennel and an explanatory description of their work.

Some Types of Boarding and Training Services

In Home Board and Train

In this type of boarding, the dog is kept in the trainer’s home and your dog becomes a part of the family. This simply means the boarding is cage-less. Because a dog is reserve In the home, he will learn the fundamental things of indoor living such as not surfing counters, house training and respecting invisible boundaries. For the main time, the dog will be taught some vital manners and behavior modification and also put on a exercise program with daily walks, engaging with other dogs, and also playing in a well conducive and fenced area. Several boarding and training programs sometimes require at least a 2-week stay, but some offer one week if just a basic refresher course is needed. But with us Dog Day Getaway, you are guaranteed a satisfactory time, contact us if you need Dog Boarding Burnsville MN, Dog boarding in Lakeville MN, Dog boarding in Eagan MN, Dog boarding in Bloomington MN, Dog boarding in Eagan MN, Dog Boarding Minneapolis MN or Dog boarding in St Paul MN.

Kennel Board and Train

The home boarding and training is different from the kennel board and training, the kennel boarding and training keeps the dog in a kennel where probably other dogs are boarded as well. The dog is generally kept in the kennel when not taken out for exercise. Despite the fact that home boarding and training is more preferable, kennel boarding and training is extremely better than normal boarding where dogs are often kept inside the kennel all day long.

So next, we are going to discuss about the services dog boarding and training program offers. There are lots of programs they offer but we are going to point out the main ones.

Services Offered in Board and Training Programs

Fundamental Training

The most popular and essential services offered are definitely fundamental training. Dogs boarding and training programs regularly teach dogs some fundamental training such as how to sit down, stay, heel, stand, come, and go. Frequently, behavior maters are addressed and dogs are also taught how to stop jumping, stop pulling on the leash, counter- surfing and also running out the door. In some situations, trainers throw in a few extra helpful commands such as drop it, drop it, and also some tricks.

Behavior Modification

Several dog training centers also address behaviors like anxiety, violence and other problem behaviors. The dog is open to stimulus the dog is reactive towards, ideally at a very low level of intensity. The dog is subject to changes under this dog training center, using some different types of modification techniques like counter-conditioning, desensitization, behavior adjustment training, e.t.c. With Dog Day Getaway You are assured a special treatment training for your dog, if you need Dog boarding in Burnsville MN, Dog Boarding Lakeville MN, Dog boarding in Eagan MN, Dog boarding in Bloomington MN, Dog boarding in Eagan MN, Dog boarding in Minneapolis MN or Dog boarding in St Paul MN.

In one word, knowing the type of boarding services you are going for is highly essential, and also knowing the services they render. It is up to you to choose which kind of services will fit your dog.

For the Best dog boarding, visit Dog Day Getaway today. We are specialized in treating your dog and making them feel at home.

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