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The Best Point Guards Builds

Author: Nba2King Store
by Nba2King Store
Posted: Sep 12, 2021

The point guard is perhaps the most important position in any game mode in NBA 2K22, as they hold the keys to the offense and play the largest role in a win or less.

We have compiled the best Point Guard Builds in NBA 2K22, including videos on how to make them, so you can take them to your favorite game mode and dominate at the PG spot.

The Best (and Meta) PG Build in 2K22: A Playmaking Shot Creator with 10 Defensive badges. Lights-out Shooting (the meta in 2K22), top-notch playmaking ability, and good enough defense. Here’s how to build it.

For a non-shooting Point Guard build a 2-Way Slashing Playmaker. Won’t be able to shoot, but makes up for this deficit with top-tier defensive, playmaking, and finishing ability. Here’s how to make it.

For Drive-and-Kick or Rim-Running Point Guards: Slashing Playmaker (Slashing emphasis). Contact dunks, great playmaking ability, and decent defense make this the best slashing PG build in 2K22. Learn how to make it here.

For the Team-Focused PG: Slashing Playmaker (Pure Playmaking). A decent all-around build that will be able to break down defenders, dime up teammates, and be a team-first PG. Here’s how to make it.

For Off-Ball Point Guards: 2-Way Sharpshooter. Can’t dribble, but is the perfect 3-and-D guard that can defend opposing PG’s and knockdown tons of threes on the other end. Learn how to build it here.

If you’re on the PS5 or Xbox X, we are still testing the best builds and will release a full list soon. Until then, this all-around build is what we consider the best point guard built-in 2K22 Next-Gen.NBA2king is a seasoned NBA 2K22 MT trading store, and it's among the best options for Buy 2K22 MT for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. NBA2king sells NBA 2K22 MT at a cheap and fair price NBA 2K22 MT. After the order is verified, it can offer fast processing speed and instant shipping, secure transactions through a secure worldwide payment system, and provide 24/7 customer online support and service, Can help clients solve any issues, promotional discounts and suitable operations can reduce your time and cash, and deliver you more benefits while appreciating the most favorable cost and quality customer services.

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