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The Life of Sant Kabir Das

Author: Robin Masih
by Robin Masih
Posted: Sep 15, 2021
kabir das

Kabir was one of the best poets of Indian culture and Literature. He is the best chief exponent of the medieval age of Indian Literature.

He wrote many Shabads, Bhajans, Dohas to teach people and describe God.

According to many historians, his mother was a Widow Brahmin, and she left him in the oldest city of India, Banaras, on the bank of the holy Ganga River.

At this time, weaver couple Niru and Nima picked him. So, a Muslim family raised Kabir Das.

His parents were so poor that they could not even provide him with primary education.

The spiritual bent was in his mind, and he decided to join the famous saint Ramananda and become his disciple.

His more profound knowledge of God and spirituality attracted many people toward him, and they became his disciple, later called Kabirpanthi.

Kabir was an absolute saint of God. He spent most of his time with Hindu ascetics, Muslim Sufi. After studying both religions, he found that both Allah and Ram are the different names of one God.

Both are the same, he never found God in temples, neither in mosques, not in Banaras nor in Mecca, but he found true God in devotees. He saw God in all the human beings,

He wrote about existence of God

  • God is neither in temple nor in mosque
  • Neither at Kaaba nor at Kailash
  • Neither in rites and ceremonies
  • Nor Yoga nor in renunciation

Kabir Das studied religions and tried to make a standard line between faiths.

He taught that one God creates every human. We are the children of one God. Birth and death are only in God's hand.

God is one who is unlimited, endless, omniscient, pure and omnipotent.

Kabir Das told his devotees that the Guru is the only person bigger than God because Guru tells you the right path. He knows the way towards God.

He named this philosophy Guru to Govind. Kabir Das said that there are no rituals required to meet God.

If you have a pure heart, pure thoughts, and are ready to surrender yourself to God, that's the only way you can meet God.

Kabir Das never believed in Hindu Rituals, which were performed for God. He requested everyone to give up all the fake rituals, caste system, and he also asked Muslims to give up their fake prophets and long fasting.

He believed that God is everywhere,

We don't need to go to any mandir or mosque to see God. Just look inside you. God is there.

Kabir Das's mission was to unite all human beings together. His mission is to spread love and humanity to the whole world. He never made any different religion, Hindu, Muslims were his devotees.

Kabirdas said, Hindu’s resort to the temple and the Muslims to the mosque, but Kabir goes where both are known.

Kabir was a real saint who taught the real meaning of humanity and religion.

He died in 518 A.D. in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

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