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China Zhejiang Ningbo Guilong Manifold Blocks machinery Co., LTD is a good manufacturer of hydraulic

Author: 544197231 Long
by 544197231 Long
Posted: Sep 16, 2021
hydraulic valve

1China Zhejiang Ningbo Guilong Manifold Blocks machinery Co., LTD is a good manufacturer of hydraulic valve blocks

Material information comes to manifold blockS

Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China: - Although there are hundreds of suppliers of hydraulic valve blocks online, finding the best company has been disconcerting. In order to solve this problem, Ningbo Zhenhai Guilong manifold blocks Machinery Co., Ltd. provides a wide variety of hydraulic valve Blocks, which are used for hydraulic modular valves or hydraulic cartridge valves as valve base plates or valve cavities for integrated hydraulic systems. Generally recognized as the best manufacturer of hydraulic assemblies, the company also offers hydraulic sandwich assemblies, cartridge assemblies hydraulic sub-assemblies, assembly covers, valve adapters and custom assemblies to the global market. The company prides itself on offering products manufactured according to DIN 24340, ISO 4401, Cetop standards. The aluminum seat of hydraulic valve provided by our company is made of aluminum material, usually 6061-t6 or 7075-t6 code as the main material, which can withstand more than 20Mpa (200bar) of hydraulic pressure in the hydraulic system. Hydraulic cartridge blocks are manufactured to customer requirements for use in hydraulic systems. The maximum hydraulic pressure is usually about 25Mpa and 250bar is aluminum alloy material.Material information comes to manifold blocks

The company continuously focuses on the experience, ensuring the best materials for each customer. Ningbo Guilong Manifold Blocks Machinery Co., Ltd. has thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world and is growing stronger every day.

With the mission of producing standard models with competitive prices and excellent quality, the company designs 3D models of custom manifolds and checks and confirms dimensions prior to manufacture. The company also enjoys a strategic location near seaports and airports, making them easier to transport. Ningbo Zhenhai Guilong Manifold Blocks Co., Ltd. provides the best products at the cheapest price and no longer has to worry about using the best quality hydraulic valve Blocks.Material information comes to manifold blockS

2. Installation position of filter in hydraulic system

Installed in the suction port of the pump

Filter is required to have a large flow capacity and small resistance, the flow should be more than twice the pump flow, to prevent cavitation phenomenon. Mainly used to protect the hydraulic pump, but the wear products generated in the hydraulic pump will still enter the system. Generally, a filter with lower filtering accuracy is used.

Installed at the oil outlet of the pump

The filter should be able to withstand the working pressure and impact pressure on the oil road; In order to prevent the filter blockage caused by hydraulic pump overload or damage to the filter element, the pressure oil road should be parallel side valve or series one indicating device. This method is often used for filtering precision requirements of the system and servo valve and speed control valve, in order to ensure their normal work.Material information comes to manifold blockS

Installed on the oil return circuit















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