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Buy Whipped Shea Butter - Whipped Shea Butter UK - Oyoma Beauty

Author: Jacob Evans
by Jacob Evans
Posted: Sep 20, 2021

Looking to buy whipped shea butter online in the UK? Oyoma beauty provides a natural shea butter, blended with aloe vera extract and jojoba oils to moisturise and protect the skin.

Benefits of using shea butter for skin

  • a> reduces dark marks, stretch marks and fine lines. Our organic whipped shea butter is deeply moisturising and rich in vitamins A and E. Order now!

Shea butter derives from the seed of the Karite tree, native to Central and West Africa, it has not only a local staple used for generations, but a one of the most advantageous skincare products, and a natural resource too. Its usefulness goes beyond shea butter's benefits for skin.

Countless projects are under way to allow women the chance to grow within the harvesting industry. For example, the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ghana, are working to provide women with management and finance training. As a result, they aim to have ‘300 women trained in high-quality butter production to meet local, national and international standards.’ Not only does this better the production of shea butter but also the

No matter what form it is in, shea butter benefits us all in a matter of ways.

Is Shea Butter Suitable for All Skin Types?

Although shea butter is a natural product, as with any product or ingredient, it is important to check that it is suitable for your skin. It’s not just about shea butters benefits for skin, but shea butters benefits for your skin.

Shea butter happens to be rather low in the proteins that trigger allergies. This means that an allergy to shea butter is a rarity. In fact, there happens to be no medical literature that documents an allergy to topical shea butter.

As well as this, it does not contain any chemical irritants that are known to dry out the skin. As a non-comedogenic, shea butter also does not interfere with skin pores and creating excess oil. In other words, shea butter benefits all skin types in some way.

Due to its high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids, shea butter is included in many body care products. It makes it the perfect ingredient for soothing, hydrating and conditioning the skin. One of the main benefits of using shea butter is how rich and moisturising it is.

Typically, moisturisers contain a variety of agents that produce the beneficial elements of the product. Often found in moisturisers are:

Emollients – Moisturising treatments that cover the skin with a protective film to entrap moisture.

Humectants – Ingredients that attract hydration and retain moisture

Occlusives – Moisturising agents that create a barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Did you know that our shea butter contains all 3 of these elements along with a range of nourishing oils?

Once applied to the skin, it absorbs quickly, the properties of the shea butter helping to strengthen the skins barrier to lock in moisture.

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Looking to buy shea butter online? Oyoma sells a long-lasting and organic shea butter - It is deeply moisturising, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and suitable for all skin types. Our packaging is zero waste!

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