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What Are the Five Different Types Of Golf Balls?

Author: Cathi Thinsley
by Cathi Thinsley
Posted: Sep 17, 2021
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Every golf ball is made differently and is constructed from anywhere between one to five-pieces. This is a fancy way of saying some balls have more layers than others.

Breakdown of the different types of golf balls

One Piece: This is the perfect golf ball for beginners. The dimples are molded directly into the Surlyn.

Two-Piece Most golfers play with a two-piece ball. The rubber interior is enclosed with a second piece, usually made from plastic.

Three-Piece: Three-piece golf balls have a solid rubber core, which is then covered with a soft plastic. A layer of liquid rubber is in between the core and the cover.

Four-Piece: The first three layers are all rubber and then the entire thing is covered with urethane, giving this type of ball a super soft feel.

Five-Piece: Five-piece golf balls are relatively new and were first created by a company called TaylorMade. There are multiple layers of rubber inside the balls for high launch, while the entire thing is covered with urethane for a softer feel.

5 Best Buy Golf Balls

I’m not big about specific brand names, but I also can’t deny the consistently high-quality golf balls that these brands tend to put out.

Ranked from best, in descending order, these are the best brands for golf balls based on their quality and dedication to details.

5 Best Buy Golf Balls To Improve Your Golf Game.


As arguably the best golf ball out there, this brand continuously comes out with high quality golf balls.

As a result, they aren’t cheap, but they are effective at driving long distances without having a ton of weight behind them. Consistency is the name of the game, so if you’re able to play for long periods of time, you’ll see that your Longshot balls will last right there with you.


You know this name well, and it’s because they continue to provide excellent quality over quantity.

It’s what’s earned them their reputation. From their Project (a) golf balls right on down to the TP5 golf balls, they make highly aerodynamic golf balls that aren’t going to get dragged down by the wind (within reason).

Above that, they make multiple types of golf balls, so if you find that you have a better time with multiple-layer balls, they’ve got them. Two pieces? They’ve got those as well. TaylorMare makes damn near everything that you’ll need for your lifetime golf career.


If you don’t notice Callaway right away, then I’m a bit surprised.

It’s one of the most well-known golfing brands in the world, mostly because they produce Supersoft, their ultra soft golf balls that give you a bit more spin control when it leaves the tee.

callaway brand golf balls

They’ve used geometric engineering to develop their Trigonometry cover, with a low compression rating for beginners and intermediate players, and low-drag features found across different versions of their golf balls. In short, they’re always developing new golf-related technology, no matter what.


Titleist is on this list because somehow, these balls just know how to stop better on the green.

While they can’t change the weight, Titleist’s lineup uses the right compression to help the balls travel as far as you need, and then slow down (based on aerodynamics).

They have tons of different ball lineups, but for the most part, this is a brand-wide thing that I’ve personally noticed, and online golfers have found through their own experience. Titleist is also the perfect mid-point between cost and quality, if that’s what you’re looking for.


Bridgestone is a tour-eccentric brand that’s designed some truly inspirational golf tech with their balls.

For example, their Tour B XS balls come with a Gradational Compression core, which allow you to hit farther without any extra effort.

Bridgestone is always trying to manufacture balls with better spin control and aerodynamics, so you can not only hit farther, but you can be more confident in your game. Distance is nothing without direction, which is where another one of their tech pieces come into play—Dual Dimple. It’s in most of their golf balls, and increases trajectory across the board.

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