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Why Do You Need Prescription Safety Glasses with Side Shields?

Author: Umair Munawar
by Umair Munawar
Posted: Sep 27, 2021
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For those people who don’t consider personal safety equipment at their workplace, they should reconsider it. Whatever injuries occurred at the workplace, most of them are related to the eyes. They were stuck with eye injuries because they don’t wear prescription safety glasses with side shields. Even most eye injuries occurred because people were wearing the wrong safety glasses at the time of the accident.

Eye injuries are considered in big loss because sometimes these injuries lead to permanent blindness in case of severe situations. Hundreds of dollars’ waste because production time waste in the search for new workers. It becomes more expensive when you combine medical expenses and legal costs.

Therefore, the workers get injuries at their workplace daily, they must reconsider their safety glasses. It is the responsibility of the employers to provide appropriate safety to workers in the shape of safety eyewear, goggles, and side shields.

Reasons for Job Place Injuries:

Several eye injuries are occurred because of the striking of small flying particles in the eyes. Or sometimes, small objects of wood chips, dirt, and glasses suddenly hit eyes and hurt eyes. Many workers get eye injuries because of falling objects while working in their busy schedules. These objects are generally too small; therefore, you need appropriate protection to stop them.

Eye injuries can happen when their eyes get breached because of metal or other particles. Another risk of injury is that sometimes workers are hit by the object while working fast with the machine. And they couldn’t observe what object was ahead. Several other hazards that can cause eye injuries are following:

    • Chemicals
    • Radiation
    • Materials that can hurt vision
    • Tools or any other equipment

    Trained electricians and other workers have a great chance to get an injury because of hazard environment in which they are working. Although all environments have not had the same level of hazards, therefore, they don’t require some protection. Therefore, you need to get complete awareness about your environment to evaluate what protection is essential for your eyes.

      • What types of equipment are used in your workplace?
      • How much protection do you need for your workers at the workplace?
      • What kinds of hazards you are facing daily?
      • What sorts of terms and conditions must follow at your workplace?

      If you have other kinds of protective equipment, you must attach it with the appropriate safety for your eyes. So that you can get optimum safety for the vision of your workers. Besides, you must choose appropriate safety glasses according to work needs.

      The Significance of Protective Eyewear with Side Shields:

      There are several questions asked about the importance of side shields. Most people are curious what big difference can bring these shields. Besides, what will be the difference in comfort and style if they prefer sides shields attach permanent or removable.

      Some protective glasses come with permanent side shields that cannot replace after the completion of the job. Hence, the advantage of prescription safety glasses cannot replace an employer can get an idea that workers are working according to terms and conditions of work safety.

      When an employee uses a clip-on side shield, they can easily detach and fix according to work nature. The safety glasses frames are manufactured in this way which keeps them so attractive and stylish. Therefore, make sure you are getting safe eyewear according to work nature.


      There are several options of side shields for prescription safety glasses with different features. All these features keep workers comfortable and allow them to work for a long time without any excuses.

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