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Low Water Pressure: Reasons and solutions of this problem

Author: Oliver Brown
by Oliver Brown
Posted: Sep 26, 2021

Have you ever experienced that you are in the shower and suddenly the water pressure becomes low? Or if you are washing and the water pressure decreases, it takes a lot of time for you to wash. If yes, today we are going to understand the reasons behind the low water pressure and also how to solve them. Low water pressure can be caused due to many reasons. This low water pressure makes our day-to-day activities like showering and washing the dishes more time-consuming and difficult to perform.

Out of these causes, some of the problems can be easily fixed while some need professional help. So, let us understand the basic problems and then find out the solutions to these problems.

Causes of low water pressure

As mentioned above, there are a number of causes of low water pressure. You can face low water pressure problems at any time while working in your home.

  • First, if you are continuously getting low-pressure water in the morning and evening then there might be a problem in distribution. Sometimes, the high demand in the system for water can cause the water to approach your home at low levels.

  • Second, check your stop valve once. The stop valve is located under your kitchen sink or boiler. It can happen that you might have forgotten to reopen the valve completely. Or maybe while working on something else, it got shut down slightly. So, fully open the stop valve to avoid low-pressure water.

  • Third, the reason for low water pressure can also be your water supply pipe. If the pipe is too old or broken, or even subjected to corrosion, it can pass on the water at lower levels. The supply can also be reduced due to build-ups and obstructions in the pipe. In the same context, pipes can also leak which proves a lot of water is lost before reaching your home at low pressure.

  • Fourth, the size of the supply pipe. The size of the supply pipe can also be a great issue. If your supply pipe was installed many years ago then it would not have the ability to transfer water at higher pressure. Now, modern appliances have replaced the old equipment, whilst this, the old pipe would not be able to meet the standards of the modern appliances.

Solutions of low water pressure

Similar to the number of causes for low pressure, there are a number of solutions for low-pressure water. Let’s see what all solutions are there to tackle the problem of low water pressure.

  • Pressure booster pump: If the pressure of the water supply from the mains is low, then it is better to use a water pressure booster pump. This system allows the water to pass through the device and then pumps it at higher pressure. The pressure of the water will be increased for all the various kinds of appliances at your home. Find a perfect spot at your home to install this booster pump and you are guaranteed high-pressure water from here on.

  • Water accumulator: Water accumulator is far different from water booster pumps. But it can have similar, in fact, much more effective results. These accumulators store substantial water that will be available readily whenever you want to meet your demands. So, rather than depending on low-pressure water from the main supply, you can get normal pressure water from water accumulators.

  • Upgrading water mains: As discussed earlier, main supply pipes can get damaged over time. Therefore, it is better to get these water mains upgraded for the pipes that supply water to your house. If you install a new leak-free and blockage-free pipe, there won’t be any pressure problems for you. You can even increase the size of the pipe to increase the volume of water.

Get help from experts for your low water pressure problems

No matter what all methods and tricks you use, professional help is mandatory for all kinds of plumbing problems. Here at SOS Plumber in Sydney, we offer excellent quality services for all plumbing problems. We also fix the low water pressure issues that you have. Our services offer a great fit for your needs as well as your budget.

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