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Your Bathroom’s Best Fit!

Author: Isha Tandon
by Isha Tandon
Posted: Oct 03, 2021

Whenever you build a home, you try to make every inch and corner of it perfect. People pay attention to every minute detail when it comes to designing, decorating, and renovating any space and rightly so, because it is not something that happens frequently. It is a big investment and is expected to give you long-term comfort.

Tiling has recently emerged as one of the go-to options when it comes to renovating a space, be it a commercial or personal space. Tiles make for an easy-yet-stylish option when it comes to decor. One of the most common spaces to revamp or build using tiles is the bathroom. People let their creativity and imaginations flow when it comes to tiling the bathrooms.

One of the major challenges that one faces while tiling a bathroom is the challenge of trying not to make it look cluttered or busy with too many elements. Bathrooms are spaces that are usually not that huge but this hack can make a bathroom look spacious and visually appealing.

Light Coloured Tiles

The most basic trick is to use light- coloured tiles in the bathroom. Light colours create this illusion of more space. There is no magic but light colours make the space look open and big! It doesn’t get any bigger but feels less cluttered or tight. Colours like white, cream, or light blue work the best when it comes to tiling a bathroom. Apart from choosing the right colours, make sure to also opt for anti-skid and anti-germ tiles--both of these features are a must for a bathroom space. If you aim to make your bathroom feel more spacious, give this trick a try!

Go Big or Go Home

Another amazing trick to achieve the feel of a spacious bathroom is to use large format tiles. Many people may find it difficult to believe, but putting large-sized tiles in a tiny area creates an illusion that the room is larger than it actually is. Try it and you'll see the difference yourself.

It’s in the Pattern

You need to know which pattern should be used in the space that is being renovated. There are various ways and patterns in which a tile can be installed. For example, some tiles can only be installed in a straight pattern and some can only be applied in versailles pattern. This is where consulting a specialist and seeking advice is crucial. If you decide to tile a small bathroom in white, you may choose the brick pattern. It will give the room a ‘stretched’ appearance with a more open vibe!

Keep it Simple

One mistake that a lot of people tend to make is that they try to fit all the things they want in a very confined space. That makes the space look cluttered and small. Try to keep it simple whenever you’re renovating (or tiling) your space to give it some room to breathe. While the ideas in your mind may confuse you, try to choose one of them as your priority and stick to it. It will not only make the process simpler but you’ll end up with a classier and sophisticated design.

About the Author

Isha Tandon works as a Digital Content Strategist for Orientbell Limited, a leading tile manufacturer in India.

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