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Different Types of Leather You Must Know About

Author: Internet Marketer
by Internet Marketer
Posted: Oct 06, 2021
vegetable tanning

Sleek, stylish, elegant is what your leather bag states about you. When it comes to purchasing high-quality Handmade Leather Products, there are several types to consider. A helpful leather purchase guide will make the difficult selection a lot simpler.

Leather "types" can be described in several ways. For the sake of this discussion, we'll use the extremely broad terms "tanning techniques" and "hide types" to refer to what people usually mean when they talk about types.

1. Vegetable Tanned Leather

The vegetable tanning method produces leather with a distinct look and unparalleled durability. It is based on the artistry and careful application of ancient techniques developed over generations. Vegetable-tanned luxury leather goods have the advantage of developing a patina over time due to repeated usage and exposure to the elements.

Vegetable tanning employs organic materials and natural tannins produced from the barks of trees, leaves, and branches. As a result, the deep and rich colors in natural, earthy tones such as beiges, browns, yellows, and reds are rich and deep.

2. Chrome Tanned

In the worldwide leather business, chrome tanning is the most common type of tanning. Tanning is the process of preparing an animal skin to make leather that is more elastic, durable, and appropriate for a variety of applications. The hide would decay if it weren't tanned, just like any other biological substance.

Chrome tanning was first offered as an alternative to the difficult and time-consuming technique of vegetable tanning. However, as compared to vegetable-tanned leather, this method produces more supple leather with higher water resistance. In comparison to vegetable-tanned leather, it is also more stain and heat-resistant.

3. Calfskin

Calfskin leather has a smooth, velvety finish which is more durable than ordinary cowhide. This makes it ideal for jackets and a variety of other leather goods. Calfskin is towards the top of the leather hierarchy in terms of quality and attractiveness.

Calfskin leather has a relatively good water resistance due to its tighter grain. However, stating that it is waterproof is deceptive. Genuine leather will not be 100% waterproof on its own. However, you will find certain sprays on the market to make leather water-resistant. Leather will absorb moisture on its own. It's usually a good idea to keep your leather clothes away from water and wet locations.

4. Sheepskin

Sheepskin, unlike ordinary leather, is tanned with the fleece (or wool) still attached. The process of preparing animal skins and hides to make leather is known as tanning. This procedure involves altering the skin's protein structure to make it more robust and resistant to breakdown and preparing it for future coloring (or dyeing).

A variety of elements influence the quality of sheepskin leather, the most important of which is whether or not the pelt (the back of the hide) will be apparent. When the pelt is evident, and there is very little seed contamination, the hide is higher. Seeds from briars and other plants become trapped in the wool and lodge themselves in the sheep's skin, scarring it.

5. Faux Leather

Although faux leather is intended to resemble real leather, the surface of synthetic leather is homogeneous. It's a machine-made item if the texture pattern is highly uniform and even. Even when compared to real leather, faux leather seems chilly and unnatural.

Instead of stretching or wrinkling like genuine leather when you push your finger into the surface of imitation leather, the synthetic material merely depresses under your finger while maintaining its form. Faux leather might have a plastic-like odor due to the chemicals employed in its manufacturing.


So, the next time you are out shopping for handmade leather products, you can choose the type of leather you want. All these materials can be made into

luxury leather goods that enhance your overall appearance. You can have the best quality leather with you, from leather bags, jackets to handbags or wallets.

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