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The Flavourful Reasons Behind Indian Food- From the Pen Of A Foodie

Author: Madeline White
by Madeline White
Posted: Oct 10, 2021
indian food

Indian food is not just any food, its emotion. Before going into the details of the topic, lets simply declare the fact that this particular cuisine stands out in terms with taste. Throughout the globe you will find foodies having that special something for Indian food. The best part is, Indian food reveals diversity in flavours and use of spices. Starting from spicy and hot butter chicken to simplistic and soothing idlis and dosas, the versatility in flavours is what sets Indian food apart, on a global platter. Gourmands who feel that Indian food is all about a mixture of delicate and strong flavours, will be happy to hear that the full platter also boasts of different nutrients-packed food, which makes Indian food quite healthy. People from across the world have frequently expressed their love for Indian food that oozes with flavours and are unique based on the use of spices.

Whether it’s the taste, the aroma, or the flavouring, there is something that literally makes Indian food famous in Singapore. If you are eager to discover why this Asian cuisine culture has grown to be a favourite, we will share a few reasons for it. Have a look:


India always speaks of diversity which is evident in its art form and food culture. It’s the diverse cultures that make the country culturally rich with oodles of history to talk about. The diversity is copiously reflected upon the Indian cuisine cultures which people from across the world appreciate. In every change of 100 kms you will discover a new flavour. The cultural background of people in different locations across the country warmly signify the differences in flavours.

The flavourful sambhar, idlis and dosas are a tradition in South Indian kitchens; while in far north, the flavours are pretty different. They reflect an essence of Mughal kitchens and the use of rich and textured gravies with plentiful of spices. This apart you can find the differences in flavours as you approach the East, and West.


Irrespective of the fact that Indian delicacies are extremely tasty, they are usually far from being simple. It takes a long time to prepare the dishes; what is even more interesting is the fact, Indian dishes need huge preparation time and most of them demand seasoning before all the ingredients are poured into a skillet. The complexities in preparation of an Indian meal, are what makes the cuisine unique. Other than the use of spices, the food will unfold to you, different layers of processing which add to their taste and aroma. Most of the time is spent in preparing the food because they are intricate and demand skill and precision to finally lead to something aromatic and tasty. Another very important part about Indian food is the slow cooking method. A vast majority of the dishes take time because they demand slow cooking, where the ingredients are let to cook over a low flame, allowing the juices to ooze out and mingle with the spices.


Yes! Indian food is about inconsistency because the foods vary in taste as the flavours and spices used differ from one state to the other. The flavours you will find in North India are sharply different from what the South Indian kitchens serve you with. There is a complex use of herbs and spices which are regionally grown. These spices are not one and the same everywhere across the country. Its their use which makes the food extremely different from one another.

The distinct flavours have their roots in Indian traditions and history. Also, the Indian roasted delicacies are pretty much the same as the Mediterranean Mashawi grill in Jalan Besar. Blend of cuisine cultures have led to such tastefulness.

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