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What Are Some Animes That People Will Enjoy Finishing In A Day

Author: Riki William
by Riki William
Posted: Oct 09, 2021
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Every so often, people have no plans. They can do quite a few things to spend their time. A good way of spending their time is binge-watching a whole anime in a sitting. Welcome to the ballroom is an anime probably with the weirdest concept possible, which is ballroom dancing. Many may feel that an anime with such a concept is better to avoid. However, this anime is quite good and can be classified as a sports anime. The battle of humanity against titans is fascinating. The seasons show some great mysteries of the world, characters' infidelities, and great plot twists. It is hard to find an anime that is as gripping, full of action, and has as good a direction as this anime. And sports animes can make practically anything interesting, including volleyball and bike riding. The fortes of this anime are great pacing and a great soundtrack.

One Punch Man

It's a rather popular anime that is comic relief at its best. It is a parody able to breathe life into the day for almost everyone. The forte of this anime is first-rate animation. Though there is a second season of this anime, it isn't near the first in terms of quality.

Below are some more animes that people will love watching in one sitting. Some of them are available on Kissanime.

Devil May Cry

As this anime has self-contained stories, people are likely to get quite bored watching the whole show at once. Despite that watching Dante slay demons can still make quite a good day for anyone, especially folks who enjoy animes like Hellsing ultimate. The art style of the anime is something that most people are likely to enjoy.


This rather dark anime that can be classified as a psychological and mystery anime is quite popular. People who have liked Promised Neverland will most likely enjoy this anime. Although the story is regarding children, this anime is certainly not for children. It caters to the senior audience.

Grand Blue Now

This anime is not totally over the top and has the slice of life sort of story. All folks keen on kicking back and winding off with a pleasant and laidback anime should consider checking it out. They will not feel let down.

Gurren Lagann

How about an anime with 27 episodes? Most people will feel that it’s too long to watch in a sitting. However, the anime Gurren Lagann is so good that most people will enjoy watching the entire series in one day. Especially people who like over the top animes should check this out. Gurren Lagann appeals to the manly inner self, and folks watching it will feel like they can prevail over anything. There are several other great animes that people can watch on Kissanime.

The Promised Neverland

This anime has horror and mystery and is well-paced and is likely to make people want more. Many people do not like animes whose main character has everything going well. The audience gets a cheap sort of vibe. The great thing about this thrilling series is that things happen the opposite.

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