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How often should we check and replace the air filter

Author: Airplex Mechanical
by Airplex Mechanical
Posted: Oct 13, 2021

The air filter is like lungs for your car. If the filter is not properly maintained and replaced while needed, it’ll absorb dirt, dust, and other particles into your car. This could lead to severe engine damage. It is vital to undertake routine check-ups of your car’s air filter. To keep contaminants far away from the engine, change it when it is blocked.

When It is Time to Inspect Air Filter

It prices nothing to check out the condition of your car’s air filter; hence adopting an ultra-active policy of checking every 6,000 miles or so on. Hold your air filter up towards the light to check it. If no light could traverse, you definitely need a replacement.

It is a beneficial idea to buy an air filter beforehand of necessitating a replacement. This way, you could change the filter instantaneously when the time comes.

Know When to Check and Replace Air Filter

You must change the air filter between every 15,000 and 30,000 miles, based on your car model and the driving conditions as well. The more you drive, the more often you ought to check and replace the air filter.

In fact, if you only drive the car occasionally, you must aim to replace the air filter within every three years. This is because the air filters become fragile with age, nevertheless of how much they’re utilized. An old filter media is more presumably to tear, allowing dirt, sand, and other harmful particles into the car’s engine.

Confer your car handbook for model-specific recommendations on how frequently you need to change your air filter. Assuming often you drive in any of the below-mentioned conditions, you are more likely to need a replacement afore your car handbooks suggested interval for a brand new filter:

  • In dusty conditions

  • In busy towns and cities

  • In specifically hot weather

Most contemporary cars own two air filters: one for the cabin and another one for the engine. Periodically that cabin filter needs to be replaced, although at divergent intervals to the engine air filter.

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To be sure that you have a perfect-fitted part of air filter, always take help from a trustworthy HVAC service company in New York. Any time when you come in for a visit for the purpose of HVAC maintenance service, they will check both the filters and then let you know specifically when they need to be replaced.


What does exactly an air filter do?

The car air filter prevents harmful debris, dirt, and other contaminants from getting inside your engine throughout the combustion process. The air filter also utilizes a huge amount of air which permits the fuel to ignite. The cleaner air your car engine gets, the better it is going to run that is why it is very crucial to keep the air filter clean.

What happens when the air filter gets dirty?

When your air filter gets dirty, your engine is compelled to work harder, resulting in diminished fuel economy (up to approximately 14% lower than a clean filter), much higher emissions, and loss of engine power. Another matter to consider is the amount of debris and dirt that can penetrate the engine as the filter becomes bunged and can’t do its job. All this dirt could hamper the internal engine and can decrease the engine life significantly.


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