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FIFA Ultimate Team Trading Terms

Author: Waifai Cou
by Waifai Cou
Posted: Oct 13, 2021

We show you how to speak like a trader and obviously which terms are important to communicate with others. In this article, I will explain to you the most common FUT trading terms. These ones are very popular among traders. If you have other suggestions or ideas, which terms we should add to this lesson, just let us know in the comments!

SnipingSniping is the fastest way to buy cards on the transfer market. You have to be fast in order to get demanded players for less than their current value. You can snipe on your console as follows:

Console:1. Type in your desired "buy now price".2. Increase the "bid price" to 150 coins.3. Go for the search4. Buy, if a card appears. The more you try this, the faster you'll get!5. Increase "bid price" again & go for the search.6. Repeat.

WebApp (Google Chrome);1. Go fullscreen while on the WebApp tab. (F11)2. Zoom into your window with 1 50%.3. Type in your desired "buy now price".4. Increase the "bid price" to 150 coins.5. Go for the search & click instantly on the area where "clear" is in the menu before.6. Spam Enter while you go for the search.7. You buy automatically if a card appears. The more you try this, the faster you'll get!8. Increase "bid price" again & go for the search.9. Repeat.

Profit-after-Tax (PAT)If you sell a player on the transfer market, you lose 5% of your selling price to the game. That's where it's important to know what profit you gained net. As traders, we talk about the profit after taxes if we sell some of our trades. The shortcut for this term is "PAT".

Example:You buy a card for 1.000 coins and sell it for 2.000 coins. The taxes are 5%, so 100 coins will be taken by the game. Your PAT is 900 coins.

PeakThe highest price a card has or will reach according to FUTBIN graphs or speculation.

LowThe lowest price a card has been or will be again in a certain time according to FUTBIN graphs.

ROI (Return-on-Investment)The Return on Investment ("ROI") is the profit you gained related to your input.

ExampleYou bought a player for 10.000 coins and sold him for 20.000 Coins.If we don't pay attention to the taxes, our ROI would be + 100%, because we doubled the price. On the other hand, if we buy 10 players at 1.000 coins each and sell them for 3.000 coins per card, we have an ROI of 200%. The higher the potential ROI, the better is the investment. In my example, it would make more sense to buy 10 cards at 1.000 and sell for 3.000 coins instead of buying 1 card at 10.000 Coins and sell for 20.000 Coins.

SupplyThis term should be easy in general but when will supply drop? Supply on cards will be active during several rewards and events. That's where people open packs and the market gets flooded with new cards. Usually, it's the best moment to buy cards during supply.

ExtinctCards which don't appear on the market are "extinct" because the demand is too high and the maximum price range is too low. It's nearly impossible to get these cards because many players try to snipe these cards for their maximum price.

UndercutPlayers could possibly list their players way lower than their current value in order to get FIFA coins fast. That's what we call an "undercut". For example, the current value of a card is 50.000 Coins and there are alot of players for this same price on the market, but it's still the cheapest. It's possible someone will undercut way lower and list for 47.000 Coins.

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I'm Waifai(Yue Chinese), Urfut's webmaster.

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