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Piezometer Ground Water Level Recorder

Author: Vasthi Instruments
by Vasthi Instruments
Posted: Oct 14, 2021
liquid level Piezometer Ground Water Level Recorder

Piezometer Groundwater level is used to measure or monitor the water level in the Borewells, Railway bridges, and many more as per the latest Centre for Ground Water Studies(CGWS}Norms. It has a telemetric system to make the data available on cloud base servers and CGWS central server also The GWL-VE300 series of submersible liquid level transmitters use the diffused: silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor with stainless steel isolation membrane as the signal measuring element to accurately measure the hydrostatic pressure that is proportional to the depth of the liquid level. The transmitter has an RS-485 communication interface that supports the standard MODBUS-RTU protocol. The communication address and serial port attributes can be set, and the communication distance is up to 2000 meters, which can realize remote monitoring. The transmitter can be directly put into the liquid to measure the height of the liquid level from the end of the transmitter to the liquid level, with high accuracy and easy to use; after long-term aging and stability assessment, the performance is stable and reliable; it can be widely used in urban water supply and drainage, Sewage treatment, rivers and reservoirs, and other fields.

Piezometer Working Principle

GWL VE300 Series Piezometer liquid level transmitter is put into the liquid. The water pressure eats the position of the transmitter acts on the diffused silicon sensor through the pilot hole. The liquid level signal can be obtained by measuring the pressure. After the sensor samples the liquid level signal, it is transported first.

  • Anti-reverse connection,electrostatic protection,wide voltage power supply:DC730V
  • Communication method: RS-485
  • Communication protocol: standard MODBUS-RTU protocol
  • Communication distance: up to 2000 meters
  • Stable and reliable:industrial-grade single-chip microcomputer
  • Anti-interference performance:anti-vibration impact,anti-radio frequency interference
  • The structure is compact, the probe is put into the measurement mode, and the installation is simple and convenient.
  • Cloud base server to monitor the data.
  • Multi-Parameter Water Analyzers are used to analyze any of the Parameters of Water Like COD, BOD, NH3, TSS, and Dissolved Gases. The Multi-Parameter Water Analyzer adopts the pulse xenon lamp as a light-weight source, and therefore fiber spectrometer as a detector: is capable of the real-time gathering of the spectrum of water pollutants starting from 200 nm to 800nm and real-time analysis of the content of water pollutants by means of chemometric algorithm technology.

    Multi-Parameter Water Analyzer takes Sensor Technology and IOT as a Core. It indicates The Water Monitoring Technology and Mobile data Communication Technology.

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