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Expression emerging from Shunya and into Expansion

Author: Samantha Humphrey
by Samantha Humphrey
Posted: Oct 14, 2021

Reality isn't a reality unless it bears the imprint of pure self-consciousness throughout its structure.

The sum total of ancient human mind discoveries incorporates all experiences into consciousness while keeping it separate from and unaffected by them. We come across this aspect of consciousness in a variety of ways and expressions.

From Experiences to Expansion

Consciousness illuminates both awake and sleeping people (walking and sleeping states), but it also extends beyond them. Consciousness can also be defined by the three mental faculties of intelligence (prajana), emotion (ctas), and resolution (dhti). It manifests as cognition, affection, and conation as a result. Consciousness is the eternal—Atma—, light, and life-breath that pervades all beings and is necessary for all things to exist. When internal and external knowledge is combined, it results in a complete understanding of reality.

What each experience has in common is that once we get through it, we feel the need to express ourselves. To express is to fully comprehend. During a coaching presence, a coach is both the receiver and the sender. Your coachee may be unable to comprehend a thought or experience. Expression is more than just what you wear on the outside. There is a method to develop the art of expression.

Only when it emerges from a Shunya state is the expansion aided. If an expression is not separated from pre-existing thoughts, its essential meaning is lost. To achieve such clarity, one must first enter a state of nothingness. Shunya is the name of that state. Meaning exists solely at the outer and inner levels. Meaning is self-aware and expressive.

Consciousness and Infinite Human Mind Expression

A coach assists people in living a full life that allows them to express their feelings, desires, passions, and joys. External nature is not a rival to their inner aspirations, but rather a medium for free expression.

When we struggle to express ourselves, we also struggle to understand ourselves.

Expression is fundamentally linked to consciousness. You must be articulate about a person in your own coaching presence. Several expressions hit you at the same time. A coach rejects many expressions before arriving at the correct one, "Aha, this is what I was trying to figure out."

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