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Why Web Content Writing is Suffering

Author: Rhys Faulkner
by Rhys Faulkner
Posted: Oct 12, 2021
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We all know that, when it comes to the internet, content is king. Content is what draws new customers or readers in, and content is what keeps them coming back. Having great photographs and digital presentations is absolutely fine, and may help your site to be a bit more popular, but the content is the first thing that they'll see. Think of the content that you have on your website like an introduction.

Whenever you have an introduction you want to make the best impression. The content that you have on your page is the introduction, and if you make a bad impression, you're not likely to receive new visitors or to keep people coming back to your site. And yet content writing is suffering on the internet. Now, more than ever before, web content writing seems to be going downhill. Why is this happening?


It's a given that not everybody is able to do web content writing well. Many business owners know that they're not great at manipulating the written word, and so they look to outsource their content writing needs to someone who is much better at wording than they are. If you type in the phrase "web content writer" or "web content writing" in a search engine, you'll return thousands of results. Take a second look and you'll see that a large majority of the web content writers that you'll find online live in a place where English is not the first language.

That shouldn't be a bit deal, though, should it? Look at most of the products in your home and you'll see that they're made in China or Japan, so why should you avoid hiring web content writers who live in the Middle East or Africa? Because they can't provide the same type of high quality content that someone who speaks English can. People who speak English as a second language are never quite able to grasp the way the words move and flow together, just as someone who was taught English as a first language would never be able to write great content for a company that resides in France, even if they knew how to speak French.

If the content writing that you get when you outsource to someone who doesn't speak English regularly is so poor, you may wonder why businesses continue to keep using their services. The main reason is because they are less expensive. These companies can afford to charge pennies for their content, which makes it easy on your wallet, but not on your website. Having articles that are poor in quality is never a good idea, and while you may save money on outsourcing the content writing to someone from another country initially, you're much more likely to lose potential business due to the poor web content writing you'll receive.

This doesn't mean that you can't outsource your content writing, it just means that when you do, make sure that you look for a company that has writers who reside in a country where English is the first language, so that you'll be able to get high quality content that will impress new visitors and that will also keep your visitors coming back for more.

SEO Copy Writing

A few years ago no one knew what the acronym SEO stood for. Now anyone who has a business website online has heard of SEO and knows what it's all about. SEO copy writing is all about ensuring that you get content that is filled with keywords that are relative to your business. But people are making a huge mistake. They believe that it SEO is simply about stuffing as many keywords as you can fit into the articles that you have on your site. This is a very big mistake.

The Right Content

Stuff as many keywords as you can into your content and you'll quickly find that you're not doing yourself any favors. Most people believe that the more keywords you have in the content on your website, the more likely you will be to get a hit off of a search engine. But good SEO copy writers know that using SEO in your content has much more to do with the type of content that you're providing, and the quality of it, than it does the amount of times you're able to stuff your keywords into the content.

There is at trick to really great SEO copywriting that only the experts know. That trick is to put a good percentage of SEO keywords into the content that you've written, but to make it so that the keywords slide seamlessly into the content, so that the person who is reading the content has no idea that there are any keywords there. And you do this by creating high quality content. Content that visitors to your website are going to want to read, and content that is much more lkely to get picked up by other blogs.

Going Viral

The phrase "viral" means that something has become very popular on the internet - so popular that everyone is passing it around to their friends to see or read. Content that is simply stuffed with keywords will never be viral. It takes great content, content that has value to it, in order for your content to become viral.

It's also important to note that if you try to submit badly written SEO articles to a website like, your content will likely be rejected. This is because they only accept content that has real value to it.

What is the most important when it comes to SEO copywriting is to focus more on the type of content that you're putting out there than how many keywords you can stuff into it, and that is not something that is easily accomplished, which is why many people look to experienced SEO copy writers to help them to achieve high quality content that is also keyword rich.

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