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Cleaning Your Percussion Equipment

Author: Sally Wilkinson
by Sally Wilkinson
Posted: Oct 18, 2021
drum shells

Musical instruments are easy to learn and play, allowing even complete beginners to enjoy music. Technical experts also employ them to produce complicated and fantastic rhythms. You have to look cool whether you merely want to whack a tambourine or absolutely slay on your drum equipment. That necessitates your musical instruments must be in tip-top shape, so follow these cleaning suggestions for musical instruments to keep them looking tip-top for a while.

Drum Set

Never wipe your drums with harsh cleaners. Harsh cleansers like Comet and Ajax, as well as paper napkins, fall into this category. A paper napkin, shockingly, is scratchy enough to harm the surface on your drums.

To tidy your drum set, dismantle it and take the equipment from the drums. After you've dismantled everything, brush your drum shells with a soft microfiber to eliminate grit and dirt. Wipe with a non-ammonia cleaning solution or a vinegar-water solution produced in equal parts. Spray your cleaning on a rag rather than immediately on the drum shells. A microfiber towel can be used to polish your drums. Polish the drum shells with your preferred varnish or wax.

Polish and clean cymbals with your preferred shining solution. Flitz Metal polish, Nevr-Dull polish, and even the all-purpose cleaning Bar Keeper's Friend are all popular choices.

Servicing a drum head is as simple as wiping it down with a moist towel. All types of percussion heads, even protected heads, are safe to use. You can clean transparent plastic heads with the same non-ammonia solution you used with the shells. Use the same non-ammonia cleaning on your supports and fasteners. With a chrome shine, you can eliminate stains, stuck-on filth, and tarnish, but be careful. Because the polish may leave a mark on your drum shells and heads, keep this stuff away from them.

Marimbas and Xylophone

Give your percussion instruments a good dusting on a regular basis. Using mallets to strike the grinds of the marimba or xylophone bars grit into the top, therefore cleaning is necessary.

On the hardwood bars of your marimba or xylophone, you can also apply a high-quality furniture shine. Clean the bars with a gentle cloth after applying the polish on a cloth. Use wax to the bars of older xylophones and marimba to preserve the finish.

Conga Drums

Wipe the drum with a soft microfiber. If your drums shell is made of wood, you could clean it by cleaning it with furniture shine. Use a solution of warmed water and saddle soap or another leather solution to wipe the head. Using this mixture, wet a towel and clean the drum in a circular pattern. Allow the drum to air dry. You can use a chrome shine to clean your chrome pieces, just like the drum set.


Thoroughly clean the leather and wood with a moist cloth. Apply wax on a towel and wipe the jingles down and clean them. If your jingles have rusting, use a cotton swab dampened with vinegar to rub it away.

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