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BWP Test Proves Sainik Plywood to be Waterproof

Author: Abhilash Tyagi
by Abhilash Tyagi
Posted: Oct 24, 2021

Sainik 710 is a durable plywood and also a popular one. This is a versatile piece of furniture that you can make use of in any space you want and keep it in use for a long time. In terms of the price range, it is quite an affordable option. The raw materials used in making the plywood are of very high quality and are capable of withstanding boiling water tests. Let’s check out what happened to its durability and capacity to withstand water for a longer time in the laboratory.

The Asli waterproof Sainik 710 has become a top choice for many customers. It can withstand a high boiling temperature of water for a total of 72 hours in the laboratory test. Therefore, it is one of the more difficult tests performed to test the plywood's waterproof capacity.

The majority of plywood brands are domestic and available on the market. These do not offer any features of waterproof plywood. They even sell coloured plywood to make it look darkish. That will make people believe that phenol resin has been used in it, and they will buy it.

Boiling-waterproof plywood is one of the best plywood product that is fully waterproof and is used for the purpose of building homes and outdoor furniture. This type of plywood is manufactured from phenolic resins.

The BWP plywood has some amazing features that are listed below.

  • BWP plywood can be used in any place you want or where there are more chances of humidity.
  • The A-grade phenolic resins contribute a lot to the making of BWP plywood. You can also call it a phenol-formaldehyde adhesive.
  • Moisture resistant plywood pales in comparison to BWR plywood. Even if the plywood is exposed to water for a longer time or even if there are high chances of spilling water on it in places such as your home's kitchen, BWR plywood will suit best at that stage and will also complete the furniture requirements of the home.
  • The plywood has no gaps, and the particle bonding is very strongly bonded, making it warp-free.
  • A very special GLP technology is used while treating the core layer of the plywood, which makes it fight well against borer and termites.
Things you must know.

BWP grade plywood means nothing but weather and waterproof material. It is basically marine-grade plywood. The BWP glue is used in the plywood that helps ensure that even if the panel is kept in humidity for a long time, it won't delaminate and will be as before. The BWP grade plywood is quite a durable material and shows high durability because of the layers of wood sheets called veneers present in it. The wood layer runs at a right angle to another layer, making it stronger to withstand all types of conditions.

Phenolic glue is the best permanent adhesive, and its usage is high for the glueing purpose of BWP plywood.


Sainik 710 is the best plywood in India, with an eight-year warranty and a termite-proof coating that keeps the plywood secure from termites. Sainik 710 is unquestionably one of the most effective ways to furnish your home with long-lasting and safe furnishings. Because it is made of robust plywood, you can use it everywhere.

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