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5 Ways to Appear Approachable and Serious

Author: Paraschiv Alexandra
by Paraschiv Alexandra
Posted: Oct 26, 2021
smile often

Do you often feel like you alienate those around you, whether in friendships, collegiality, or even relationships?

There are ways you can come across as approachable without leaving people feeling desperate.

With practice, over time you can create an open, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere that attracts others, increasing social interactions.

Using body language, with a little attention to how we look and how we approach others, we can make progress in this regard.

Smile more often.

For one thing, a warm smile shows that you are relaxed, that you are comfortable, and it relaxes those around you.

People who smile often seem friendlier, more pleasant, and more open to a possible conversation.

Look the other person in the eye.

Do not try to avoid eye contact with others by looking down or at the wall.

Someone is more likely to start a conversation with you if you make eye contact first. When someone approaches, smile and look them in the eye for a while to show that you are interested.

Do not overdo it so it does not seem like you are staring or entering a strange area. Be natural.

Pay attention to your appearance.

The clothes you wear can help you look friendlier, more presentable, and boost your confidence.

So make sure you choose something that you feel good in, that you feel comfortable in, and that fits the place you are going.

You can opt for a wardrobe with a slight sexy touch to show a little skin, in warm colors, but make sure you do not go into a vulgar area.

Hairstyle and makeup are also important, so choose them to suit you and make you feel polished. Avoid interruptions during the conversation.

A person who knows how to listen attracts others and seems more approachable. When you join a conversation, try to listen to the other person till the end without interrupting them.

Also, avoid things that might distract you, like your phone, laptop, etc.

Maintain eye contact and use your body language to confirm the words of the person you are talking to.

Be empathetic.

Show your conversation partner that you understand and give them moral support.

This way, you will feel much more comfortable around them.

Certainly, others will notice your attitude and be more open to you.

We hope that these tips will help you in relationships with friends, colleagues, bosses or when you want to meet new people.

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