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Global Warming and Its Cause | Dehradun Live

Author: Dehradun Live
by Dehradun Live
Posted: Oct 29, 2021

Global warming is the long-term heating of the earth due to fossil fuel burning and other human activities. It has been observed since the pre-industrial period with increased levels of CFCs(chlorofluorocarbon), carbon dioxide, and other pollutants.

Everyone is familiar with the word global warming, but nobody seems to bother about it. All the natural calamities come upon unawares and affect everyone severely, be it an earthquake, flood, tsunami, etc. Humankind cannot afford to ignore these perils. The effect will be glaringly visible in a few years.

What is Global Warming?

In common parlance, global warming is associated with an increase in global temperature. Survival requires more oxygen on the planet. On the contrary, the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing day by day, and depleting the ozone layer. With this hole in the ozone layer, ultraviolet rays are coming directly to the earth with ill effect on the greenhouse. It results in excessive heat, which is the prime reason for ice melting in Antarctica. In addition, the sand area in the desert is expanding with the increased temperature. In a nutshell, global warming is the outcome of greenhouse imbalance.

What is Greenhouse?

The greenhouse is a protective layer on the earth, and this layer is made up of various gases in a certain percentage. Imbalance in the greenhouse leads to serious problems.


  • Environmental pollution is the biggest reason for this menace. An increase in pollution levels leads to a greater amount of carbon dioxide on the earth. It causes an increase in the temperature.
  • Due to modernization, villages are being urbanized and trees are being felled. Every vacant place is getting utilized to construct buildings, factories, and other enterprises for revenue generation. It has created a scarcity of the source of fresh air.
  • As per convenience, the paths of old rivers are being diverted. Resultantly, the flow of the river dies down and it even stops existing.
  • The use of fossil fuels (coal, petroleum) in industrial processes, transportation, and electricity releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • The use of commercial and organic fertilizers in agriculture.

So many reasons are there to be enumerated. Everything on earth has a cycle. Everything is related to each other, somewhere, in some form or the other. When one thing fluctuates, the whole cycle of the earth fluctuates.


Like natural disasters, global warming affects the world gradually. You can compensate for the losses of other disasters in a few years but it is very difficult to make up for the losses incurred due to warming.
  • Due to extreme temperature, many creatures and their species have become extinct.
  • Some of the very cold places on earth have snow cover throughout the year. Snow has begun to melt there and the water level is rising gradually.
  • With the expansion of the desert region due to scorching heat, more heat is likely to increase in the years to come.
  • The planet is experiencing untimely rains, heat, cold, or drought due to an imbalance of season. It has badly affected the yield of crops.
  • It is causing severe damage to the environment.
  • Due to which every person is suffering from one disease or the other. The lack of pure air is suffocating all the inhabitants.

Way Out

"Save the environment, save the earth" is the right way to combat this menace. Small changes in the daily chores of life can solve this problem.

  • Increase the greenery with plantation of more trees.
  • For a long journey, use the train instead of a car. In day-to-day commutation, use public transport in place of a four-wheeler or two-wheeler.
  • Instead of using electricity, use solar energy sources. Conventional sources of energy (petroleum, gas, coal) are harmful to the environment. Renewable energy is limitless.
  • Avoid misusing water. The renewal of natural water resources should not damage them.
  • Increase the use of domestic and indigenous things.

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