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How do I sell my handmade jewelry online?

Author: Binay Jha
by Binay Jha
Posted: Oct 29, 2021

Do you have a passion for crafting jewelry? Would you like to sell your artistic designs online & earn some extra cash?

Well, if that’s the case, then you're in luck! Because in the online world, you can sell your products from anywhere at any time without being physically present in that area. You can either set up your own online store or sell your handmade jewelry on third-party marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and more.

In this digital era, your business is not limited to any particular region. Anyone genuinely interested in your product is your potential buyer. So don’t limit your art and business to trade shows and craft fairs; go online and showcase your wide range of products to the world and sell handmade jewelry online.

In this blog, you will learn about:

  • How do I sell my handmade jewelry online?
  • What are the pro tips for selling jewelry online?
  • How can Builderfly help you sell handmade jewelry online?

Let’s talk more about ways & ideas to sell handmade jewelry online.

How Do I Sell My Handmade Jewellery Online?

Your passion for starting your own handicraft jewelry line has made you come to this post. However, now you need a plan to make your passion your ideal career option, and here we will help you achieve that.

Today, we will help you plan your online presence to sell handmade jewelry online. Below we have listed a few options of platforms where you can sell your handmade jewelry online without spending a lump-sum amount of money. Have a look!

1. Online Marketplaces

In an online marketplace, shoppers can purchase items from many vendors on one website. There is no inventory owned by the marketplace operator. They enable entrepreneurs to sell their goods online.

So give wings to the entrepreneur in you and sell handmade jewelry at online marketplaces. You get access to an in-house customer base to buy your hand-crafted jewelry. It’s a win-win situation for both online marketplaces and entrepreneurs with the profits they will earn.

2. Social Media

If you are not ready to spend money to build your online store or pay a token of your profit to online marketplaces, then use social media to your advantage. Showcase your beautiful handmade jewelry on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more.

To create your social media account, you just need an email or phone number and sell jewelry online for free. You will directly contact your consumer and don’t need to spend a single penny marketing your products.

3. Online Store

Don’t want to be part of a crowd, sell your exclusive handmade jewelry from a standalone jewelry store. This way, you can set your terms and conditions for selling handmade jewelry online.

By doing so, you don’t need to worry about the changing algorithm of social media platforms and online marketplaces. You can directly contact your potential customer, eliminating all the direct competition for your handmade jewelry and selling online at reasonable rates.

Builderfly is one of the popular ecommerce platforms for starting and growing your online jewelry business. Start your online store, sell via social media, or even in person.

4. Own Your Website

Ideally, this is one of the most complex ways to set your jewelry online because now you need to be in charge of everything that goes on your site. However, with your own website in the picture, you can showcase your professional approach to your business.

With websites like WordPress, Wix, and more, it is a bit easy to build your website, as you just need to drag and drop tools to create an eye-catching website to sell your handmade jewelry online.

Now let’s move on to our next section, that is, pro tips to sell your handmade jewelry online.

What Are The Pro Tips For Selling Jewellery Online?

Now that you've figured out how to start your online store and what you want to sell, we'd like to offer you some pro tips to keep your store running smoothly.

These tips won’t cost you anything! All you need to do is implement them daily so that you continue to progress.

1. Avoid Fake Products

The first and foremost thing is to sell quality products to your consumer. Do not compromise on the quality of your product and choose your suppliers carefully.

By avoiding poor-quality products, you can prevent customers from being upset and spreading a negative image of your brand. Also, you will have your customers coming back to buy your products.

2. Get an Advantage Over Your Competition

Selling handicraft jewelry online can get quite competitive. Thus it is crucial to differentiate yourself from other sellers that exist online.

Gain an advantage over your competition with your detailed designs, pricing, and quality ingredients. Also, keep a check on your competitors to gain an edge over them.

3. Run Strategic Marketing Campaigns

By running strategic campaigns on social media platforms, you can easily target your ideal consumer for your brand. Digital marketing campaigns will quickly become your best friend and help you promote your product online. These campaigns will also help you build your consumer’s persona based on their searches, age, taste, preferences, locations, and more.

4. Be Consistent With Your Content

The first rule to create an online jewelry store for free on social media platforms is to be regular with your content. This means you need to constantly share posts, pictures, blogs, videos, and more on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

You must share your content daily to keep your audience engaged and spread more awareness about your brand.

5. Provide In-Depth Product Descriptions

You don’t need to overwhelm your consumers with too much information about your product. But you must offer them precise and descriptive details on every piece of jewelry available in your store.

By providing a clear and concise description, you make customers aware of your product. With in-depth product descriptions, you can assure consumers of the quality of your product and terms and conditions related to purchasing.

Let's now move on to helping you with an actionable way to start your online handmade jewelry store now!

How can Builderfly help you sell handmade jewelry online?

Now you are aware that you need to have an online presence to sell your products online. Builderfly is an eCommerce platform that provides you with tools to create your brand. The whole idea of Builderfly is to make you reach your consumers where they exist.

With Builderfly’s native mobile app builder, you can make your business compatible with all your consumers' devices. So register yourself on Builderfly and enter the world of digital commerce to create a stunning eCommerce store for your handmade jewelry.

Here are some of the benefits you will get access to with Builderfly as your eCommerce platform:

  • Target your audience according to your consumer’s tastes and preferences from any part of the world.
  • Update the currency of your online store according to the location for easy transfer of payments.
  • Link your Paypal merchant account to your store and ensure the security of your payment gateways.
  • Integrate UPS/USPS/DHL/FedEx shipping calculations into your store interface to enhance the global selling experience.

If you still have queries regarding Builderfly’s eCommerce platform, you can write to us at We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you sell your products online with ease.

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