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Car Rental Services : Advantages And The Services They Provide

Author: Junaid Allana
by Junaid Allana
Posted: Oct 29, 2014

The point to point transport system is the one in which a vehicle, namely plane, bus or train travels to the destination directly, instead of going to the centrally located hub, which means that the passengers do not need to change vehicles in order to reach their destination. This system is the opposite of the spoke-hub distribution system, according to which; the vehicles or transport goes and reaches a centrally located hub where the passengers are required to change their transport in order to reach their desired location. Various countries use the point to point transport system because it’s more reliable, less time consuming, cost-effective and more efficient. United States’ Southwest Airlines are an example of point to point transport. Zimbabwe also has various facilities of this kind of transportation system, which hence makes the travelling easier and less hectic. There are numerous car rental services offer point to point transport services Zimbabwe, but it is important that we find a reliable one.

The numerous advantages of this kind of transport system are described in the following points-

  • The need for various connections is absolutely eliminated.
  • The travel time is obviously amply reduced owing to the fact that no break travelling is required.
  • In case of the spoke-hub distribution system, where the passengers need to change their transport at the central hub to reach the location, the risk of baggage loss is highly increased, because of the repeated shifting from one transport to another. However, this risk is eliminated mostly in the case of the point-to-point transport system.
  • One very important advantage is that, the fuel wastage is highly minimised, hence, this is also an environmentally sound transportation plan.
  • Delaying of the vehicles is highly reduced in case of point-to-point transportation systems, unlike the central hub transportation system.
  • Furthermore, this transportation method is economical and less tiring than the ones in which a break journey is required.

However, nearly in all point-to-point transport systems, the vehicles have to leave from a hub, hence there is no pure point-to-point transport but is usually a mix of hub and spoke systems too.

We have discussed the advantages; however, there are certain disadvantages which we should discuss too-

  • The frequency of transports will be highly reduced because the origin-destination distance becomes too long.
  • If due to any reason, the origin-destination distance is not served, the passengers will have to take the hub transportation.

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Author is representing this information on the behalf Elite Car Rental. our organization is a car hire service provider based in Harare.

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