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What are some simple tricks to predict gold prices?

Author: Amit Shah
by Amit Shah
Posted: Nov 06, 2021

So there are a lot of simple tricks that you can read to confuse yourself. Here we have given different answers from which you will get proper information.

Answer 1:

You can't. The most accurate estimate of the future price of gold is the price at present. This is true in all other commodities.

What would happen if the cost was $100 today, and people were expecting it to be $110 in the future? It would be tempting to purchase gold today, and then sell it later for a 10 profit. The demand would rise to the point that it was $110. Commodity markets operate similar to auctions. The person who thinks that the price will rise will purchase it today, increasing the price now. If the majority of people think that the price will rise in the near future the price will rise in the present. If most people believe that the price will fall in the near future then they'll try to sell the property today, which will lower the cost.

Sometimes, people are exceptionally clever and are able to surpass the competition. But, this isn't normal since each person who beats the market, there's another who is losing the same amount.

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Answer 2:

There aren't any easy tricks to forecast price. Every one of us has limitations.

In the end If you're discussing Gold Prices In INR then a Rupee depreciation or the INR's movement is an excellent indicator. If the Rupee declines, gold prices in Rupees will rise and the reverse will happen.

However, there is an issue. The prices of international commodities include Gold have an inverse correlation with the movements of USD. It is not an exact inverse correlation, but studies have established a relationship. If the Dollar is up and Gold prices rise, they will go down, and reverse.

There is a correlation ( but not always perfect) between the movements of prices for the gold market and of other commodity such as Oil. You can also get a tiny bit of the.

The most difficult thing to do is when the US enters recession or US price of stocks go to a bear-ish phase ( 20 percent down from their peak) the price of gold will rise.

Answer 3

It is impossible to accurately predict the price of gold, but you can definitely determine the trend of the gold price. To do that, you must monitor the the price of gold every day and be aware of the trend and market mood. It's not rocket science, but an adequate knowledge of the subject and a quick glance at market news will suffice.

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